Kara Major Invites Listeners To Create Their Own Reality With “Everything Works Out” 

Everything Works Out,” the latest track by emerging EDM artist Kara Major, draws its inspiration from Abraham (Esther) Hicks, an influential motivational speaker and author who has profoundly impacted the musician’s life. The writer is renowned for pioneering the concept of the Law of Attraction, emphasizing the significant role our thoughts and words play in shaping our reality. Recognizing that humans are prone to occasional negative thinking, she teaches the transformative practice of auto-suggestion and affirmation. 

By consistently reaffirming statements such as "everything is always working out for me," we can realign our spirits, rediscover inner peace, and open the pathways for our deepest desires to manifest. Kara’s song encapsulates these powerful teachings and aims to inspire listeners with its uplifting message. She explains: “I thought it would be an amazing concept to wrap such a potent mantra within some high vibing music to further amp the message to the universe for anyone singing along.” 

Kara is influenced by a diverse range of incredible artists whom she would love to collaborate with, including Joyryde, Valentino Khan, Black V Neck, Kayzo, Skrillex, David Guetta, ODESZA, Weiss, Subtronics, Brohug, and Martin Garrix. Her songs have always been born from moments of inspiration, shaped by the freestyle writing and rapping she used to engage in with her friends during her younger years. The artist describes her songwriting process as organic and flowing, driven more by inspiration than strict structure.

Major attributes all her significant accomplishments to her core belief that reality is not a stagnant space one simply wakes up to, but rather a dynamic and responsive entity that individuals can co-create each day through their thoughts, words, emotions/vibrations, and inspired actions. Kara expects that "Everything Works Out" will strongly resonate with listeners as there are many successful people who echo this philosophy.

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