Kantor – Blade

No matter the direction Kantor takes, every work is well-rendered, crafted, and carefully-calculated before release to ensure a uniform experience is squared away and an enriching impression isn’t left out. His latest offering “Blade” is a an intense, high energy original single that absolutely slaps. Starting off with a stretched, gradual build up, Kantor cannonballs the motions of the song ensuing to a parade of excitement and all-its-own energy. A huge, striking synth rhythm captures the focal-point and instantly ejects a sense of elation into the air. Crooning pads provide a haunting upper atmosphere to the single, while the tech house percussion channels a complete experience, allowing all the parts to fully consume those who listen. Kantor is really starting to make a name for himself across the industry, and with songs as powerful as this one it's only a matter of time until he reaches a global level. Tune into “Blade” below now!