Kamisama Kiss: Will Season 3 Ever Happen?

The popular shojo series Kamisama Kiss told a heartwarming story of deities and humans in love that was one for the ages, and fans of the franchise still can't get enough. The Kamisama Kiss manga, created by Julietta Suzuki, ran for about eight years before eventually spinning off into multiple anime adaptations, including two seasons' worth of television anime and several OVA specials.

The Kamisama Kiss anime and manga ended some time ago, but many fans are still holding out hope for a third season of the anime. That may be unlikely, however, simply given the span of time between seasons. Here's what the manga and anime were about, as well as why the latter may or may not ever return for a third season.

The Story of Kamisama Kiss

Written by Julietta Suzuki, Kamisama Kiss is a romantic comedy of cosmic proportions that began as a shojo manga back in 2008. The story involves a young girl named Nanami who, due to her father's financial failures, becomes homeless. This leads her to a park bench where she tries to think about her future. Here, she ends up saving a man named Mikage from an aggressive dog.

As a reward for her kindness, Mikage gifts Nanami his house. Upon moving there, she discovers that the house is actually a house of worship and that Mikage is the former Earth deity. Mikage has thus given this role to Nanami, who is both unsure and eager to take the task on. Over time, she and Mikage's familiar Tomoe fall in love, which breaks all manner of boundaries between humans and yokai.

The manga lasted for 25 volumes, which were first adapted into a 2012/2013 anime and OVA. 2015 saw another anime season produced, along with two more OVA specials released throughout 2015 and 2016. Since then, however, the franchise, specifically in terms of anime adaptations, has remained dormant.

Will There Be a Season 3 of Kamisama Kiss?

There's been nothing done with the franchise as a whole since 2016, let alone the anime adaptation. Though starting up an anime back up six -- or even more -- years after it seemingly ended has happened before, that's unlikely to happen for the likes of Kamisama Kiss.

The two seasons of the anime, along with the many OVAs, told all of the manga's story. In both mediums, the story ends on a happy note between Tomei and Nanami, and, given ow there hasn't been any new manga detailing their life beyond that ending, a new season of the anime would have to come up with an entirely original plot. That could happen, of course, but it's unlikely given how the franchise is essentially over and has been for the last five years. Sadly for fans of the Kamisama Kiss anime, that's likely how things will remain forever -- barring any unexpected reboots.

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