Kakegurui Creator Now Working on High Card, a New Multimedia Series

Kakegurui's creator Homura Kawamoto is working on a new gambling-themed project.

A.I.R. reported the news on Twitter, indicating major plans for the mixed media project. Titled High Card, Kawamoto's new venture will include an anime, manga and novel. A promotional image accompanied the announcement, providing fans with a first look at High Card's character designs. The production team launched an official High Card website and Twitter account to keep fans updated.

The project's title references a combination in poker, featuring a five-card hand with all different suits and no matching pairs. High Card will showcase the poker motif throughout the series, similar to the gambling theme in Kakegurui. Thus far, it seems that High Card will not take place in the Kakegurui universe.

Hikaru Muno, Kawamoto's brother and writer of the Kakegurui light novels, has also signed on to High Card. TMS Entertainment will oversee the project with the illustrator Ebi, who developed the character designs. TMS Entertainment is one of Japan's oldest animation studios, assisting on major works like Lupin the Third and Akira as well as Western projects like DuckTales and Batman: The Animated Series.

High Card isn't Kawamoto's only current venture. The writer contributed to Tenseisha Koroshi - Cheat Slayer, an isekai manga debuting this summer in the Monthly Dragon Age magazine. Illustrated by Aki Yamaguchi, the story centers on a protagonist dead set on killing anyone that reincarnates in their world.

Currently High Card does not have a release date, but fans can enjoy Kawamoto's other projects in the meantime.

Source: High Card, Twitter

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