Kakashi Hatake Vs. Satoru Gojou: Which White-Haired Sensei Is Better?

Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen and the Naruto anime love their white-haired senseis, Kakashi Hatake and Satoru Gojou -- and for good reason. They’re both quite powerful, known throughout their respective universes for their skill and strength, and serve as excellent mentors for the younger generation the shows focus on. Their similarities -- white hair, masks and beautiful eyes -- lead to many comparisons between the two as the age-old question inevitably emerges: Would Kakashi or Satoru win in a fight?

To figure out who would emerge the victor if the two ever clashed, let's compare their respective abilities and feats and find out which one, objectively, is the more powerful character.

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Kakashi Hatake's Powers & Abilities

Kakashi of the Sharingan no longer sports the eye that earned him his world-famous nickname, but he’s not about to be written off yet. While he had the Sharingan, Kakashi was said to have added over 1,000 jutsus from many lands to his arsenal.

Apart from copying existing jutsus, Kakashi also created several original jutsus including the Chidori -- currently favored by the Uchiha clan -- and the less intense Purple Lightning, which he can use even without a Sharingan. He can use all of Water, Fire, Earth and Lightning release techniques and has mastered several jutsus with each nature.

Kakashi's chakra control is elite, never using more than required when executing a jutsu. Without the Sharingan constantly eating away at his chakra reserves, he’s got a lot more to work with. Kakashi's taijutsu and combat sense are exceptional and he’s never yet been bested.

Satoru Gojou's Powers & Abilities

Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen

Satoru Gojou comes from a long line of capable jujutsu sorcerers. For centuries, the children of the Gojou clan inherited their secret cursed technique “Limitless,” and Satoru was no exception. This technique allows the sorcerer to control all aspects of space itself.

Satoru uses Limitless in ingenious ways, the least impressive of which is flight. He also has a passive ability that allows him to place an infinity between him and anything else, meaning nothing can ever make contact with him unless he allows it.

He can also create a vacuum capable of sucking up all objects in their vicinity in an attempt to fill itself full of cursed energy. Once activated, it's capable of blasting enemies away in any direction. When he’s feeling particularly aggressive, Satoru can combine attacks to create “Hollow Purple,” a cursed technique that manifests in the form of a giant purple sphere that disintegrates any form of matter it comes into contact with.

Satoru also inherited Six Eyes from his clan, making him the first person in 100 years to possess both techniques. Six Eyes rarely manifests in clan members and only those who possess it are able to use Limitless to its full potential, making Satoru the strongest member of the significantly powerful Gojou clan.

Kakashi Vs. Satoru: Who Comes Out On Top?

Satoru Gojo fighting Jogo in Jujutsu Kaisen

With Six Eyes, Satoru has god-like perception and his ability to process information or stimuli of any kind surpasses any other human being. He can see far into the distance with no apparent limits to detect the slightest change in any battle, which allows him to create a perfect counter without any time-lapse. Satoru is also insanely physically strong and a very capable hand-to-hand brawler should it ever come to that.

Taking all these overpowered buffs into consideration, it’s unlikely Kakashi could emerge the winner if these two ever fought. Satoru’s infinity barrier could take all of his ninjutsu attacks with ease, and there’s no genjutsu Kakashi could come up with that Six Eyes wouldn’t see through. That doesn’t make the Naruto sensei any less skilled though. Kakashi could make short work of several other characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe, but certainly not Satoru Gojou.

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