Kai Phi’s “California Forever” Is A Love Letter to the Golden State’s Music Culture

Fusing West Coast sounds with modern electronic beats, fast-rising EDM DJ and producer,  Kai Phi, captures the essence of California’s musical evolution with his latest single “California Forever.” Known for his boundary-pushing soundscapes, the musician blends together electronic boom bap, hip-hop, trip-hop, and downtempo microhouse music to deliver lively party anthems.

Paying tribute to the nightlife and venues that have influenced the Golden State’s diverse musical landscape, the artist reproduces the energetic and atmospheric ambiance of the city’s club scene, including everything from the rooftop parties to the background music. "California Forever" marks the debut release in a series of upcoming singles by  Kai Phi. Fans can anticipate tracks such as "Le Midi," "Dream Drum," and "In Dig A New." 

Taking inspiration from renowned artists such as Radiohead, Burial, and Flying Lotus, Kai Phi skillfully fuses together elements of '70s post-punk, jazz, and funk to produce his music. His goal is to craft songs that are not only genuine and distinct but also evoke an emotional response from listeners. By forging a deep connection with his audience, he offers a musical experience that is both enjoyable and meaningful.

Kai Phi's music is a refreshing departure from the norm, characterized by his willingness to explore and experiment with various genres to produce something fresh and dynamic. Transcending mere entertainment, the producer’s work exemplifies the innovative and groundbreaking nature of EDM, pushing boundaries and setting new standards. "Le Midi," his new release, is set to drop in the coming days.

Listen to “California Forever” on Spotify: