Kaguya-sama: What’s the Score Heading Into Season 3?

The battle between Shinomiya Kaguya and Shirogane Miyuki is set to resume with the Season 3 premiere of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War on April 7th, 2022. Student Council shenanigans are imminent as President Shirogane and Vice President Shinomiya will continue trying to get the other to confess their love. Any given episode of Kaguya-sama is typically comprised of one-to-four segments of head-empty tomfoolery, at the end of which the narrator usually declares a winner and/or loser. With the love-grudge match ready to continue, here's a look at each character's win/loss record so far.

The scoreboard of Kaguya-sama can be tricky to keep track of considering Shirogane and Shinomiya sometimes both win or lose. Going strictly by what the series' narrator says, there appears to be a difference between an actual tie and an instance in which Shirogane and Shinomiya both won or lost, so the scoreboard reflects that distinction. And although the love war is solely being fought between the two co-leads, the supporting cast occasionally find themselves as the winner or loser of any given bout.

Shinomiya Kaguya Vs. Shirogane Miyuki

Miyuki Shirogana and Kaguya Shinomiya from Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Shinomiya is dominating the matchup with Shirogane. As of Season 2's finale, her win/loss record stands at 23 wins and 16 losses. Shirogane, on the other hand, holds a losing record of 15 wins and 24 losses. If Shinomiya and Shirogane are the only competitors, shouldn't their records be inverses of one another?

Ordinarily yes, but the narrator has declared them co-winners and co-losers on several occasions, which has skewed their final tallies away from a traditional score. There have only been two instances in which the narrator declared an official tie, giving Shinomiya a commanding lead of 23-16-2 over Shirogane's 15-24-2.

Not only is Shinomiya currently in the lead, but she's held it for nearly the entire series to this point. She emerged victorious from Season 1 by picking up 12 wins to Shirogane's nine. Season 2 of Kaguya-sama saw Shinomiya defend her title, winning 11 matches while Shirogane escaped with a mere six wins. It's a good thing they don’t seem to be keeping track of the score themselves -- Shirogane would give up all hope knowing how badly he's losing while Shinomiya's overconfidence from her winning record would likely lead to her own downfall.

What's Everyone Else's Score In Kaguya-sama: Love Is War?

Ishigami and Fujiwara in Love Is War

Although it's rare, supporting characters like Fujiwara Chika and Ishigami Yu -- and even minor ones like Shirogane Kei and Kashiwagi Nagisa -- have found themselves on Kaguya-sama's scoreboard. Considering none of the supporting cast is actually a part of the battle between Shinomiya and Shirogane, they only get a win or a loss if they've had a good or bad experience in a segment that's not focused on the titular war of love.

To this point, Fujiwara and Ishigami are the only supporting characters who have picked up a win. Secretary Fujiwara's win/loss record is an unflattering three wins and five losses, which would surely devastate her if she were counting. Ishigami, hilariously, is the only character in the series other than Shinomiya who does not have a losing record. The gloomy Student Council Treasurer is currently batting .500 with three wins and three losses. Iino Miko and Hayasaka Ai each have zero wins and two losses, while Shirogane Kei and Kashiwagi Nagisa each have a single loss to their names on the scoreboard.

Who's Going To Win Kaguya-sama: Love Is War?

Going by the numbers, Shinomiya's lead makes her most likely to emerge victorious if this petty battle of pride ever comes to an end. However, considering this battle is the premise of the entire series, it's unlikely to end any time soon -- if at all. Shirogane has a lot of ground to cover, but Kaguya-sama isn't just about the numbers. Despite their records, Shinomiya and Shirogane have proved countless times that they are well-matched with one another. The only thing keeping them apart at this point is pride -- and Fujiwara's inability to read the room.

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