Kaguya-Sama: What Miyuki Shirogane’s MBTI Personality Type Reveals About Him

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War is a battle of wits story pitting the student council president Miyuki Shirogane against Kaguya Shinomiya at the elite Shuichin academy, with each daring the other to make a bold love confession first. Miyuki and Kaguya are both kind and helpful people, but also notoriously proud and stubborn at the same time, especially when it comes to each other.

Miyuki, Kaguya and their friends all have distinct personalities, and at first, it's easy to think that the studious Miyuki Shirogane is a reclusive, aloof workaholic, but that's not quite true. Miyuki is a likable seinen anime protagonist because of his warm, empathetic and selfless nature, and this is reflected by his MBTI personality type. There's a lot more to him than his good grades and sleep-deprived eyes.

Miyuki Shirogane's MBTI Personality Type: ENFJ-T, The Protagonist

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Despite not being in a classic action shonen story, Miyuki Shirogane has the Protagonist MBTI personality type, and there are all sorts of ways to express this proactive and altruistic personality type in a non-action story like Kaguya-Sama. Miyuki's personality code stands for Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging Turbulent, demonstrating that while he is a people person with warm feelings, he's also a disciplined and enthusiastic individual who defines himself mainly by his actions and his ability to help others. Miyuki may not be as extroverted as some Protagonists, bordering on introverted, but he is still a people person whose life is enriched by the presence of others.

Whether they're Superman or just a student like Miyuki, a Protagonist defines themselves by taking decisive action to help other people in need, whether they're co-workers, friends or strangers in peril. Protagonists push themselves hard to make other people safer, happier and more successful, and a Protagonist might wear themselves to the bone putting out other people's fires like that.

A Protagonist like Miyuki Shirogane has a strong sense of right and wrong and will advocate true justice and goodness by any means necessary -- and they won't pursue justice for the sake of fame, money or influence. Protagonists like Miyuki do the right thing simply out of principle. This also makes Protagonists idealistic and noble leaders, setting a good example with their bright personalities and bold actions alike.

Miyuki Shirogane As A Protagonist In Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

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In the eyes of most Shuichin students, Miyuki looks more like an Architect or Campaigner in MBTI terms, but the real Miyuki Shirogane comes to life when he's around his family and friends, allowing his heroic side to emerge. Outside of school, Miyuki works hard at a part-time job to help his impoverished family and single father as a matter of course, and his strong sense of responsibility sustains him, no matter how tired or discouraged he may feel. Miyuki would be crushed by guilt if he quit or lost that job and his family was evicted from their apartment. A Protagonist like him would move mountains for the sake of family -- in this case, his middle-aged father Papa and his younger sister Kei.

Meanwhile, whenever Miyuki is around his friends and classmates at school, his Protagonist side truly shines. Miyuki works incredibly hard as a student and the student council president to support and inspire all Shuichin students, and he takes great pride in his accomplishments while in office. However, he's not looking for fame and adoration for its own sake -- as an ENFJ-T, Miyuki takes pride in the tangible benefits he has created for all his fellow students.

When he debated Miko Iino during his re-election campaign, for example, Miyuki's Protagonist side emerged in two key ways. First, he challenged Miko to prove how she could follow his example and tangibly benefit the school's students as his successor. Second, Miyuki personally helped Miko overcome her stage fright by engaging her in debate, which put Miko in her comfort zone. As a true Protagonist, Miyuki will even help his rivals and bring out the best in them. He wanted Miko to operate at 100% and realize her potential, even at the expense of himself.

Even if Miyuki is somewhat clueless and dense about romance, that won't stop him from doing his best to support other characters, mainly other boys, in their own love lives. No matter how faulty or naive his advice might be, Miyuki badly wants to help others realize their potential and find happiness, and he goes to great lengths to support his gloomy friend Yu Ishigami in many ways. Miyuki also supported Miko after the latter joined the student council, and she looks up to him as an empathetic and bold Protagonist.

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