Justin S. Grant Will Have You Addicted to His Hit Single “@ddicted2miPhone”

Justin S. Grant has delivered yet another hit for the masses. The track titled “@ddicted2miPhone” is just the wake-up call we need to get off the phone. The artist behind hits such as “Don’t Go!” and “Run Away” is sure to deliver exactly what his listeners want.  Fans have been eagerly waiting for his new release, and it is safe to say that Grant has genuinely delivered above and beyond.

The American singer has proved his talents time and time again with various hit singles. However, this time he has dabbled into the world of humorous art as a way to demonstrate his vast versatility. With imitation skills and a widespread genre expertise, Grant is ready to wow fans once more.

His new song effortlessly offers clear-cut messages to all phone addicts. The conveniently comical track  “@ddicted2miPhone” will surely hit the top of your list. While music may be his strong suit, that is not what Justin is only known for. He is also a renowned author, speaker, and entrepreneur. 

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