JULIAN KNOXX Wraps Up 2020 With ‘Line’ – A Techno-House Inspired Track

JULIAN KNOXX gained our admiration a few months ago when he released his second ever single ‘Go Your Way,’ in which he established his bouncy and catchy style. Since then, he has been settling as one of the recurring main figures on the EDM scene. 

When he debuted in 2020 with his track ‘Never Let Me Go’ we expected him to develop a new wave of electronic music as he set his bars pretty high. Recently, JULIAN KNOXX dropped a brand new track, so far the best of his works, titled ‘Lines.’

The new single, a heavyweight techno-house inspired fusion incorporates elements of trap and euphoric bassline, so significant in JULIAN KNOXX’s style. The build-ups created on ‘Line’ are designed with much attention to details, and they fit well to the melody. JULIAN KNOXX kept such a consistent reputation throughout 2020, known for his grabby electro, and we are psyched to see what he has for us in 2021.