Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji and Megumi Finally Join the Culling Game – and Meet Trouble

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter #161, "Tokyo No. 1 Colony, Part 1," by Gege Akutami, John Werry and Snir Aharon, available in English from Viz Media.

Previously in Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuji and Megumi had carefully planned how they would navigate the dangerous Culling Game when entering. Two of their goals were to stick together and to gain points without killing anyone. So far the former aspect has already crumbled, and after the events of Chapter #161, it seems inevitable the latter will too.

Yuji and Megumi are separated immediately after entering the barrier in the Tokyo colony they chose. When players pass through Culling Game barriers, the game randomly transfers them to one of nine pre-established locations. It's also worth noting that certain individuals are positioned at these nine locations due to an unofficial rule that came about, but these individuals' identities are yet to be revealed.

Yuji and Megumi enter the Culling Game

Yuji and Megumi are so far apart that Megumi's Nue can't even find any signs of Yuji's whereabouts. They aren't too bothered by their separation, however, since they both know what to look for. Yuji may even be relieved since he was worried about Sukuna's interest in Megumi. Their first objective, however, remains to gather information on Higuruma.

Megumi believes Higuruma may be one of the sorcerers from the past who made contracts with Kenjaku. His reasoning is the fact that Higuruma already has 100 points, which means he's already killed 100 people since entering the Culling Game. Megumi and Yuji agree they should be wary of incarnated sorcerers from the past, because they valued life differently over 100 years ago and desired fighting to the death.

Jujutsu Kaisen readers already know that Higuruma isn't from the past, though. He's a modern-day sorcerer and will likely be one of the first-years' toughest foes. Regardless, it's good that they're wary of him possibly being from the past because he certainly seems as dangerous as the actual incarnated sorcerers, if not more.

Megumi and Remi during the Culling Game

Yuji is immediately attacked from mid-air after entering the barrier but makes quick work of his opponent, Hanyu, who clearly underestimated him. Hanyu's partner, Haba, arrived on the scene quickly, and Yuji intends to question him about Higuruma. Curiously, Hanyu's other partner, Amai, seems to know Yuji from somewhere previously.

Megumi quickly makes his own opponent, a girl named Remi, surrender and join him. She even agrees to tell him what she knows about Higuruma, if he becomes her knight. In other words, she wants Megumi to be her protector. He agrees without hesitation but still threatens Remi in case she plans to lie. Megumi thinks to himself that he isn't like Yuji because he has no issue scoring 100 points by whatever means necessary.

Jujutsu Kaisen establishing that desire to score 100 points may be foreshadowing Megumi inevitably killing at least one person. If he does, it will be interesting to see how it affects his character going forward. Moreover, how would it make Yuji feel? After all, Yuji's issue with killing humans is the primary reason they'd planned to score points without killing anyone.

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