Jujutsu Kaisen Tests Itadori’s Resolve as Sukuna’s Vessel

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen, "For Myself," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Jujutsu Kaisen holds nothing back as Itadori's impending execution leaves him with another significant decision to make. With his grandfather's dying wish still weighing heavily on him, Itadori must explore his motivation for joining the fight against Curses.

Immediately following Itadori's consumption of Sukuna's finger, the powerful spirit momentarily overtakes his body. As Fushiguro debates what to do next while wondering if it's his new friend or the Curse in control, his teacher Gojou Satoru arrives. Impressed by Itadori's power and curious about his ability to be a vessel for Sukuna, Gojou asks Itadori to surrender control for ten seconds.

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Gojou and Sukuna's Encounter

Though Sukuna confidently attacks Gojou, the swift sorcerer avoids every swing the Curse unleashes, showcasing his talents as the self-proclaimed best Jujutsu Sorcerer. As the ten seconds tick down, Itadori regains control, and Gojou commends him before quickly rendering the boy unconscious. While discussing how to handle the situation, Gojou asks Fushiguro what he wants to do. The young sorcerer in-training expresses that according to Jujutsu law, Itadori should be executed, but he wants Gojou to do what he can to stop that from happening.

Despite Fushiguro's hopes and Gojou's attempts, the elders deem Itadori too big a threat to live. However, his sentence can be suspended, pending Itadori's willingness to help locate and eat Sukuna's 20 remaining fingers. Given the rarity of a vessel strong enough to contain Sukuna, Gojou suggested that they allow Itadori to eat all of the fingers, fully absorbing the Curse. While Itadori dies, either way, Gojou's plan would at least have Sukuna killed too.

Sukuna's Soul Emerging

After checking on his friends from the Occult Club and laying his grandfather to rest, Itadori seals his decision to join Jujutsu Tech by eating another finger, further proving to Gojou that he's the first vessel in over 1,000 years. As Gojou escorts Itadori to his new school for an interview with the principal, Sukuna makes his presence known. Forming a mouth and talking through various parts of Itadori's body, Sukuna threatens and taunts Gojou, but the confident sorcerer admits he could still beat the Curse at full power.

Itadori's meeting with Principal Yaga Masamichi doesn't go as expected with his reasons for joining Jujutsu Tech, and the decision to fight Curses brought into question. Though Itadori explains his grandpa's wish for him to use his strength to save others, Masamichi uses his adorably powerful Cursed corpses -- dolls infused with his Cursed energy -- to attack Itadori until he gives a satisfactory reason.

Principal Masamichi's Powerful Cursed Corpse

Though Masamichi's methods seem intense, he explains that being a Jujutsu Sorcerer is a dangerous and challenging job where you are often confronted with death. Sorcerers often die with regrets, and without strong personal convictions for taking on this life, they could resent, or even curse, those they deem responsible for leading them down that path. However, Itadori acknowledges that consuming Sukuna's fingers is something only he can do and that lives would be lost if he chose to do nothing about that. After proclaiming he refuses to regret the way he lives his life, Itadori is admitted into Jujutsu Tech.

Joining Fushiguro as one of the three First Year students, Itadori is shown around his new dorm. Gojou reveals to Itadori that aside from being Sukuna's vessel, he can also act as a radar to help locate the remaining finger. Before setting off on their first missions, they'll need to round out their team, with Gojou announcing that they'll be heading to town tomorrow to meet the final new student, Kugisaki Nobara.

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