Josh Rubin Drops “Hold On” via Found Red Records

 As a singer and songwriter, Josh Rubin came onto the scene in 2015 and made his way up the ranks of the dance music world as a powerhouse vocalist delivering hard-hitting and emotionally driven vocals. His music has been released on well-known dance labels such as Seeking Blue, Monstercat, Lowly, Dim Mak, Proximity, and more. Now, he returns with his latest track titled, “Hold On” via Mr.Suicide Sheep’s imprint label Found Red Records.

“Hold On” is an infectious emotionally driven tune that draws the listener in from the very beginning. Filled with melodic beats, Josh's own soothing emotive vocals and an electrifying drop, “Hold On”  is nothing short of a captivating song with real meaning behind the lyrics. As Josh Rubin said on the creation process, I went through a phase in the past where it felt like I was kind of sabotaging my own relationships….your heart naturally is going to start to build a wall to protect you from feeling that again. This song is about just that, me realizing that it’s happening and feeling this person start to slip away. It’s me putting it out there that I’m aware I have these issues that I need to work through, but if you’ll just believe in me and give me some support and guidance I think we can get through this. The moment you stop holding on is the moment we’re lost.” Take a listen down below!