Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Reveals Netflix Premiere Date, Trailer

The next season of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure will premiere on Netflix worldwide on Dec. 1.

Netflix revealed the premiere date during its "Anime Day" livestream. The next season of the anime will reportedly be released in multi-episode batches, with the first batch comprising 12 episodes. Netflix did not announce how long Stone Ocean will run for; the next season of the show will adapt Part 6 of Hirohiko Araki's long-running manga, which is the second longest arc in the entire series at 158 chapters. The longest arc in the manga, Diamond is Unbreakable, adapted 174 manga chapters into 39 anime episodes and was released over the course of 9 months in 2016. A new trailer, which shows Jolene's meeting with Jotaro, was also revealed during the livestream.

The new arc takes place ten years after the conclusion of the Golden Wind storyline and centers on the life of a new Joestar descendant, Jolene Cujoh. Blamed for a suspicious car accident that causes her lover's death, Jolene is sent to a prison in America's classiest state, Florida. While serving out her sentence, Jolene receives a mysterious pendant and a visit from her father, Jotaru Kujo, the protagonist of the Stardust Crusaders arc. Drawn into her family's long-running conflict with Dio, Jolene teams up with other imprisoned Stand-users to take down the prison's chaplain, Father Enrico Pucci, who wants to recreate the entire universe based on Dio's design.

Jojo fans still have plenty to look forward to following the Stone Ocean arc's debut: Araki previously confirmed that the manga will continue with a 9th part, tentatively entitled Jojolands. The new arc was announced the same day that the final chapter of Part 8, Jojolion, was published. Araki went on a break after Jojolion's conclusion, and Jojolands will be published sometime after he returns from his vacation. A spinoff series focused on the on-going adventures of Josuke, the protagonist of Part 4, will be written by Boogiepop and Others' Kohei Kadono and will feature art from No Guns Life Tasuku Karasuma. The new manga will be published in Japan on Dec. 18.

The first chapter of Araki's hyper-stylized epic was published in 1987, and the series has continued in the decades since with 8 parts, each of which is set in a different era and location. Each part focuses on a different member of the Joestar family, who are locked in a generation-spanning battle with the figure known as Dio. The series has over 100 million copies in circulation worldwide and has grown more popular with age. The manga is available in English from VIZ Media.

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