JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Silver Chariot, Polnareff’s Sword-Slinging Stand, Explained

In the hit animated series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Jotaro and his allies soon make a quirky but important friend: Jean-Pierre Polnareff, an experienced stand user.

At first, Polnareff was under DIO's control via a flesh bud, but he was soon freed, and wielded his stand, Silver Chariot, against DIO's many assassins and thugs, proving his worth many times. He even faced the deadly Vanilla Ice and won, and he survived the final battle against DIO, all thanks to his remarkable stand.

The Battle Chariot

Silver Chariot is a melee stand named after the Chariot card of the tarot deck (representing battle and invasions), and it has no substantial ranged attacks. It is also incapable of modifying other substances, such as how Crazy Diamond can repair items with a punch or Spice Girls can turn items soft. Instead, Silver Chariot is a straightforward but effective swordfighter, wielding a rapier in its right hand. This allows Polnareff to pressure his enemies with conventional sword slashes and thrusts with advanced technique, and on the defense, Polnareff can block physical enemy attacks with the sword and Silver Chariot's armored body. Silver Chariot's defensive powers are somewhat limited, but they are sufficient against opponents who can't easily surround Polnareff with energy-based attacks.

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Silver Chariot's rapier can cut flesh and enemy stand alike, and it can even cut fire, as Polnareff demonstrated when he fought Avdol (while under DIO's control). Silver Chariot dove right into Magician's Red's flame attacks and sliced them apart, dispersing the flames into harmless wisps. In addition, Silver Chariot's rapier can cut hard objects such as stone with a great degree of finesse. During that duel, Polnareff showed off by carving a large rock into a statue of Magician's Red, just to intimidate Avdol and Jotaro.

Silver Chariot has another option: its armorless form. Ordinarily, this stand's advanced speed is enough to outmaneuver most enemies, but if need be, Silver Chariot can discard its armor (and thus lower its defenses) to move even faster. At this point, it can move quickly enough to create several afterimages, which can attack the enemy with the real Silver Chariot in unison. The afterimages don't actually deal damage, but they can disorient the enemy and draw their attacks away from the real one.

Chariot Requiem

Polnareff survived the events of Stardust Crusaders and in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he traveled across Africa to seek out more stand arrows. He claimed one for himself but was badly injured and lost the use of his legs. Later, he accidentally knocked the stand arrow off a cabinet and reached to retrieve it with Silver Chariot, only to pierce Silver Chariot's hand with the arrow tip. It became Chariot Requiem, a powerful but uncontrollable stand that can affect the souls of all people around it, based on shadows and moving light sources. It was seen in action during the climax of Golden Wind, and as Diavolo soon realized, this stand creates a light source behind all nearby people, meaning they see Chariot Requiem's shadow on the opposite side, regardless of natural lighting. Finding and destroying that light source can disrupt Chariot Requiem's defenses for a time.

Polnareff cannot give Chariot Requiem any commands; instead, he can only watch as it wanders around on its own accord. In the story, it held the stand arrow and refused to let anyone take it. Chariot Requiem can manipulate the souls of anyone around it, turning their soul (and stand) against them should they try to damage Chariot Requiem or steal the stand arrow from it. Whatsmore, Chariot Requiem can put people to sleep in a vast area around it (such as in Rome) and swap their souls with nearby people or animals. Finally, Chariot Requiem is able to heal itself and amplify the powers of all stands near it.

In short, this is a vastly powerful but chaotic stand that can wreak havoc in a wide radius. Even a team of stand users, such as Giorno's group, is practically helpless before it.

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