JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Polnareff’s Death & Strange Resurrection in Part 5

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is known for being just that, with countless out-of-context moments and memorable lines ingrained in modern Internet culture. But one of the strangest plot points of the series goes rather overlooked by popular discussion, despite being one of the most unique events it has to offer. That event is the fate of Jean Pierre Polnareff.

Originally introduced in Stardust Crusaders, Polnareff was memorable as one of the only surviving group members from the battle against Dio, as well as one of the most in-depth characters of the series. He had his own personal motivations for joining the group and had some of Part 3's best character moments, making him loved by fans from the start, right up until his death. This made his eventual return in Golden Wind even more exciting, though his role in the plot remained unknown for the majority of his screentime. Why? Well, it's a bit... bizarre.

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Initially appearing as a mysterious figure aiding Bucciarati's group, it wasn't until their arrival in Rome that Polnareff's identity was revealed -- although he was still a complete stranger to the Part 5 crew. Even for the audience, the Polnareff before them was a bit different, now missing his legs and using a wheelchair.

It would later be revealed that the boss, Diavolo, was to blame for his state after delivering him a crushing defeat. The cause of their encounter was the powerful Arrows that Polnareff was tracking, one of which he currently held in his possession. This Arrow was the secret to defeating Diavolo and would go on to give Giorno the power needed to end the boss for good.

Prior to the final face-off between the pair, Diavolo attacked Polnareff a second time in an attempt to secure the arrow for himself. It was here that Polnareff met his death at the hands of King Crimson, but not before piercing his own Stand with the Arrow. As Polnareff lay dying, its ability activated and put everyone into a deep sleep -- but this wasn't the end for him. When the party awakened, they found that they had all switched bodies, including Polnareff. Just as his body died, his soul switched places with the turtle that had accompanied the team.

In this state, he lost control of his own Stand, which was now operating on its own with one goal: to keep the Arrow safe. This led to a race to find its weakness and defeat it, which returned everyone back to their bodies. However, with no living body to go back to, Polnareff was stuck in the turtle. When the dust settled and Giorno wielded the power of Gold Experience Requiem, Polnareff decided to remain in the animal's body. The last viewers see of him, he's by Giorno's side, who sits as the new boss of Passione.