JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Every Game-Based Stand – and What They Do

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's combat system has come a long way since the early days of Phantom Blood and the hamon-vs-vampires concept. Starting with Stardust Crusaders, the system shifted to Stands. While some of these are melee warriors such as Star Platinum or Crazy Diamond, others are far trickier in combat.

Plenty of other Stands use tricky effects such as shrinking people down or teleporting, and a few in particular are like game show hosts, putting a unique spin on this already-novel combat system. Four particular Stands in JoJo are known for overseeing games that take place between those Stands' users and their enemies -- and those contests aren't always fair.

Osiris Oversaw A High-Stakes Poker Game Against Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo and his allies met Daniel J. D'Arby in a cantina in Cairo, Egypt, where the latter challenged his foes to a few games of chance. The referee would be his Stand, a humanoid named Osiris that has no mercy. Anyone who loses a game to Daniel will have their very soul torn out of their body and stored as a poker chip, and Daniel proudly showed off his collection of captured souls to Jotaro's group. Joseph and Polnareff both lost when Daniel cheated against them -- Osiris cares only about who acknowledges defeat in their heart, not who plays by the rules.

Then Jotaro played poker against Daniel, kept his cool and bluffed his way to victory, wagering his mother's soul against information on DIO. Daniel, who wasn't used to being on the defensive, cracked under the pressure. Osiris sensed the defeat in its owner's heart, declaring Jotaro the winner before releasing all the captured souls.

Atum Turns Terrence's Victims Into Dolls

terrence with atum

Terrence/Telence D'Arby was the inverse of his brother Daniel in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, using sheer skill and mind games rather than cheating to win and even defeating Kakyoin Noriaki in an off-brand F-Zero game. He then played against Jotaro Kujo in a baseball game which Terrence's Stand, Atum, was watching.

Atum, a humanoid Stand like Osiris, also claims the souls of those who lose to its user. In this case, Terrence's victims are turned into dolls in a vast collection, and Jotaro saw Kakyoin's doll with his own eyes before taking on Terrence himself. Atum and its user faced defeat when Jotaro craftily used Joseph's Purple Hermit Stand to manipulate his controller and dodge Terrence's mind-reading, throwing off his game. Terrence lost, and Kakyoin's soul was freed from Atum's grasp at last.

Boy II Man Demands A Game Of Janken

In Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable, Josuke's brilliant mangaka associate Kishibe Rohan ran afoul of a boy named Oyanagi Ken, who requested a game of Janken (rock-paper-scissors). Oyanagi's Stand, Boy II Man, is yet another soul-stealing game show host. It can steal a piece of the opponent's soul every time they lose a throw against Oyanagi, until nothing is left.

Rohan took on Oyanagi and won two games, sparing him Boy II Man's wrath -- but then the latter started playing mind games and won two more throws, claiming two-thirds of Rohan's soul. Not even his use of Heaven's Door could get him out of this, since having a partial soul weakened his Stand. Thankfully, Rohan won the final throw against his crafty opponent and reclaimed his soul from Boy II Man.

Marilyn Manson Is The Ultimate Debt Collector

Marilyn Manson stand

The recently released JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean introduced the first-ever female Joestar hero, Jolyne Cujoh. She is serving time in the Green Dolphin prison where more and more fellow inmates are being outed as Stand users -- including Miraschon, whose Stand is named Marilyn Manson. This humanoid is yet another nonviolent Stand that cares only about games and wagers.

Miraschon likes to make whimsical bets with her fellow inmates, and it's not just money that's on the line. Marilyn Manson can chase the debtor anywhere and collect both their money and internal organs to sell on the black market. Miraschon oversaw a baseball-tossing game between Jolyne and Foo Fighters with Marilyn Manson watching. Several times, Miraschon nearly won the wager and seized her opponents' organs. In the end, however, Jolyne outwitted her, and Marilyn Manson was powerless to protect Miraschon from a classic Joestar beatdown.

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