JoJo: How Jotaro Defeated Terrence D’Arby At… a Video Game

In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Jotaro Kujo's gang faced all kinds of dangers on the road to Egypt, and it was there where Jotaro would triumph over DIO at last. But until then, there were video games to be played. The Joestar heroes are always ready to risk their lives to protect friends and family, and that trend began when Jonathan Joestar gave his life to stop Dio Brando and protect his wife, Erina.

In 1987, Jotaro Kujo wagers his very soul to rescue Kakyoin's own, in true Joestar style. But he'll have to beat Terrence D'Arby at a baseball video game first.

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Kakyoin had faced Terrence D'Arby first and challenged him to a car racing game. Kakyoin, DIO's former assassin, showed some impressive skill and pushed Terrence pretty far, but in the end, Terrence was too slick, and put Kakyoin in a hopeless position, soon claiming his soul with Atum, his Stand. Kakyoin's very soul was in peril, leaving it up to Jotaro to take on this elite gamer and try to win it back by wagering his own. Already, Jotaro had defeated Daniel J. D'Arby in games of chance, but video games were a whole different matter.

The game is baseball. As Jotaro picks up the controller and tests out the controls, everyone notes how amateurish he looks. His timing is totally off, and Terrence's pitcher character easily outs a few of Jotaro's batters. Frustrated, Joseph argues that if Jotaro is such a novice at games, then someone else should have challenged Terrence, and Jotaro is throwing his soul away. But just then he turns things around: Jotaro's timing and aim are suddenly totally on point, and scores home runs against Terrence as though he'd been doing it all his life.

Stranger still is the fact that Jotaro's thoughts don't match his actions or even his words, and Terrence would know because his Stand can sense other people's thoughts, albeit in a yes/no format. Terrence is losing -- a sure sign that something's afoot.

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Terrence can't take any more of this, demanding that Jotaro stand up and back off, so he can check the controller and chair for any tricks. What's more, Jotaro had taken off his hat and, around the same time, the supposed cheating had begun. That was a red herring; Jotaro's trick had nothing to do with his hat, and when he put it on, the cheating continued. Jotaro seems unbeatable on offense and defense alike, calling out pitches of one kind and throwing another type entirely. He pulls ahead in the game and, when up to bat, scores yet another home run. Terrence frantically uses his Stand's power, trying to figure out what's going on, but only turns up contradicting results. Jotaro's soul couldn't admit to cheating, because he wasn't. Joseph is the true culprit.

Kakyoin's soul is freed from the doll and returned to its body once Terrence's own soul admits defeat, and Jotaro finally explains his secret. Joseph had been using Jotaro's controller with Hermit Purple, Joseph's Stand, meaning Jotaro's words and thoughts were on one track while Joseph's actions were on another. It was two on one, and Terrence had failed to realize that until it was too late.

As Terrence's brother Daniel once said, it's not cheating if you're not caught. Jotaro manifests Star Platinum and beats Terrence senseless, knocking him out of the room. Now it's time to regroup and challenge the immortal vampire DIO once and for all, no video games this time. It's time for the real thing.

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