IWGP: Makoto Proves He’ll Do ANYTHING to Prevent War

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 7 of Ikebukuro West Gate Park, "G-Boys Winter War, Part 2" now streaming on Funimation.

Makoto finds himself caught in the middle of a near all-out war in this week's Ikebukuro West Gate Park. Although he tries to make it clear that he's not part of the G-Boys and is, therefore, somewhat objective, Makoto, in his urge to keep the peace, makes several bold moves. In the process of stopping the turf war, Makoto strips off his nice-guy mask, revealing that while he may be the troubleshooter, he isn't afraid to step in and get his hands dirty in the name of the greater good. Despite his hopes, however, Makoto may have only just temporarily stopped a battle -- a war may still be on the horizon.

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A Long-Awaited Revenge

ikebukuro west gate ep 7 rabbit makoto

After finding out that Shadow is a person and not a gang, Makoto urges Crow to tell Hiroto. Crow gives Hiroto a call, leaving Makoto alone in the back room of the rental video store. He's not alone much longer: Makoto gets held at knife-point by a rabbit-masked man who announces that he's going to seize power from the G-Boys.

Makoto faints after almost getting choked to death but thankfully the incident is recorded. He watches the replay, discovering that it's Yamamoto, who first appeared in Episode 2 as part of the gang from the OK Holdings, and he hurries to tell Hiroto. However, despite knowing this, Hiroto is hell-bent on fighting Takashi. At this point, it isn't avenging his hurt members--it's about taking the title of King from Takashi.

Shadow Emerges

ikebukuro west gate park ep 7 makoto shadow

Makoto finds out that Shadow is an assassin of sorts and was hired by an organization called Mars Enterprises. This group is looking to expand to Ikebukuro (like it seems like everyone is doing these days) and clashed with Donglong, which is why Shadow beat up the Donglong guys. It turns out Mars also hired the gang of five, but this group used Shadow's name while creating a mess out of things and beating up Hiroto's faction, ruining Shadow's name and reputation.

Makoto and Shadow make a deal: if Makoto can track the gang of five down, Shadow will get rid of them, and in return, Shadow will deal with Hiroto. This means getting Shadow to break Hiroto's leg. Makoto thinks that this should solve everything but it has the opposite effect: Hiroto's team is now going after Takashi to exact revenge even though he has an alibi.

Angel Saviours

ikebukuro west gate park ep 7 red angels makoto

At a loss, Makoto has no choice but to go to the only people he knows who have the same level of influence as the G-Boys: the Red Angels. He asks them for help, admitting although that this has nothing to do with them, all he wants to do is stop a war. Kyouichi says that the Red Angels' appearance means people will get hurt but Makoto has a plan.

The G-Boys and Hiroto's faction meet on a three-way crossroads, ready to start a brawl, when the Red Angels, led by Makoto, find them. Kyouichi proclaims that Takashi is the only reason why Ikebukuro is peaceful and if Hiroto's faction does anything about that, the Red Angels would crush them. In the end, Hiroto's faction gives up.

Makoto stuck his neck out for the G-Boys in this episode and even went as far as to ask the Red Angels to step in. Although in the previous episode, it's been stated that the G-Boys are the ones who control the balance in Ikebukuro (and now the Red Angels) but it's clear that Makoto is the one pulling the strings behind the scenes. However, his efforts to prevent war have resulted in a disruption in balance and Ikebukuro has been irrevocably changed by his choice to run to the Red Angels for support. Will this ultimately be a good thing, or will it eventually bite him back?