I’ve Been Killing Slimes Uncovers the Demon King’s Surprisingly Sweet Desire

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 7 of I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Azusa Aizawa, the witch of the highlands in I've Been Killing Slimes, has long since figured out how to survive and thrive in this lovely isekai world: by safely grinding levels and living a peaceful life, despite her immense power. Now that she and her friends are visiting the realm of demons, naturally, the hapless Halkara gets the gang into trouble.

Halkara has angered the demonic court by accidentally headbutting the demon king Provat Pecora Allieres, and is now slated for execution in Episode 7. Azusa can't just use her elite magic to turn this situation around; she needs a subtler, more diplomatic solution. Luckily for her, there's something the demon king wants, too.

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Azusa & The Demon King Agree To Duel Over Halkara's Fate

Azusa and one of Beelzebub's assistants, Vania, fail to administer a potion to demon king Provat Pecora subtly, and Azusa's cover is quickly blown. So she resorts to force after all, and after knocking out the court guards, she approaches the bedridden demon king to deliver that wake-up potion and open up negotiations. The demon king is already awake by instinct, though, and bolts upright. She's still annoyed by Halkara's misstep and demands a ritual duel in the castle grounds outside. If Azusa wins, the king will forgive Halkara and call off the execution. If not, Halkara is doomed.

The duel begins and the demon king shows off her incredible swordsmanship. She could decimate most foes with ease, but Azusa is level 99 and has the power to knock away (and destroy) that sword and leave the king helpless. Azusa even performs a mighty wall-slam to emphasize her dominance in the duel, and Provat Pecora surrenders. Then, just seconds later, the demon king's true -- and wholesome -- desires are revealed. She's a lover, not a fighter, and she's ready to prove it to the world (mostly just Azusa).

Everyone Needs A Big Sister, Even Demon King Provat

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The time for fighting and executions is over. Demon king Provat Pecora Allieres declares to the court that Halkara is to be forgiven and freed, and privately she can't get enough of Azusa. As she explains in the dueling ring, being the #1 demon is actually a bit dull, since it's lonely and tedious at the top. She needs something to challenge her, or someone to look up to, and the mighty Azusa fits the bill. The demon king latches onto Azusa and embraces her as "big sister," and the I've Been Killing Slimes protagonist can't bring herself to say no. After all, Azusa is powerful but kind and is here to help her friends and allies, not dominate them. Although flustered, she accepts the demon king as her little sister, and that means going all the way.

Provat Pecora shares a drink with Azusa in the dining hall and insists that she kiss her on the cheek as a sisterly gesture. This happens just as the rest of the gang arrives, and they all want friendly kisses, too. The sisters Falfa and Shalsha return the favor to their foster mother, making it clear that everyone is closer than ever. Halkara's dire execution sentence already seems like a distant memory, though the demon king is jealous of all the attention Azusa is getting.

But a hug sets the king's mind at ease, and she happily declares that there's a surprise waiting for everyone at the medal awarding ceremony. Azusa still needs to get her demonic medal of honor for brokering that truce between the red and blue dragons, and given the demon king's whimsical nature, the surprise is bound to be a big one.

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