I’ve Been Killing Slimes: Flatorte Receives MUCH More Than Just a Medal

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 7 of I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The witch of the highlands, Azusa Aizawa, is an isekai heroine who just wants to take it easy. If all goes well, she won't even need her incredible powers. But I've Been Killing Slimes' world has a funny way of challenging her, and at one point she had to intervene in a dragon tribe feud and bring peace. In Episode 7, she's well-rewarded -- and then some.

Azusa and her motley crew of friends are visiting the far-off realm of demons, and although Halkara made a mess of things by accidentally headbutting the demon king, all is now well and it's time for the medal award ceremony. And a surprise guest is ready to join them on the stage: Flatorte.

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Flatorte Becomes Azusa's Newest Subordinate

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The demon king mentioned there would be a surprise waiting for everyone at the medal awards ceremony, and once Azusa and her friends are dressed and take their places on the stage, the king welcomes a third medal recipient: Flatorte the blue dragon. Azusa and her red dragon friend Laika can hardly believe their eyes, and poor Flatorte looks self-conscious and timid as she joins her new allies on the stage. But in Provat Pecora's eyes, Flatorte did play a major role in the truce between the dragon tribes and must be rewarded just like Azusa and Laika. In fact, Flatorte worked with the other blue dragons recently to help solidify the peace treaty even further, so naturally her hard work should be recognized. All three girls get their medals (which were tossed into the air), and Provat Pecora makes another recommendation -- that Azusa stroke Flatorte's horns.

Flatorte is in shock. Among the blue dragons, having one's horns caressed is a formal gesture of submission and servitude. Neither Azusa nor Flatorte can back out of this either, what with a whole crowd of demons (including the king) watching. Azusa does as told, and now Flatorte is officially her subordinate for all time. In I've Been Killing Slimes, it's the honor of the blue dragons to uphold this tradition -- but Azusa is wondering if there's room in her circle of friends for the feisty Flatorte on top of everyone else. This trip keeps getting stranger and stranger.

Flatorte & Azusa Work Out A Deal

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Flatorte is compelled to follow Azusa back to the leviathan sisters, with the younger one, Vania, assuming her massive true form and flying everyone back home. The blue dragon must stay by mistress Azusa's side at all times on pain of death, but Azusa and the others quickly tire of this extreme servitude. Surely there's some way to compromise so Flatorte can have some autonomy and live her daily life as she pleases?

Azusa just wants to help people in I've Been Killing Slimes' isekai world, and she paradoxically orders Flatorte to regain her independence and autonomy. Equally paradoxically, Flatorte swears to obey Azusa's command for all time and be independent, but all the same, the dragon is actually attached to Azusa now -- with or without ritual servitude. In fact, later that evening Flatorte lays across Azusa's lap, almost seeing the highlands witch as a protective big sister.

Laika is intensely jealous at the sight of this, but Azusa assures her and the others that everyone has a spot in her heart, and there's no need to be jealous. All these same, Laika and Flatorte are glaring daggers at each other, the red and blue dragons each determined to become #1 in Azusa's eyes. Will the rivalry never end?

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