I’ve Been Killing Slimes’ Finale Is a Fitting Tribute to ALL of Azusa’s Friends

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 12 of I've Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Azusa Aizawa, the witch of the highlands, has spent 300 years all alone, grinding XP and gold by killing slimes to distance herself from her stressful life as a Japanese office worker. But as I've Been Killing Slimes has progressed, she's widened her horizons and realized that this life is only worth spending with good friends.

By the Season 1 finale, Azusa has found her true calling: to help people and make them happy. The townsfolk of Flatta are also in a festive mood, so Azusa's friends decide that now is the time to open a witch cafe to put their culinary skills to good use.

Pooling Everyone's Talents For Azusa's Maid Cafe

While spending a fun afternoon in Flatta, Azusa realizes that her friends all have what it takes to run a typical maid cafe. Laika, her first isekai friend, is a great cook, and Flatorte won't waste any chance to compete with her in the kitchen to see who's the best. Halkara is an expert in brewing fancy drinks -- especially energy drinks like Nutri-Spirit -- and the twin sisters Falfa and Shalsha could be adorable, moe-style waitresses. So Azusa announces that the witch cafe plan is a go, but first, the girls will need uniforms. She takes everyone out to get their measurements at a tailor and then presents their completed outfits. They look great, and Azusa even uses magic to give Rosalie a ghostly copy of the uniform.

But what should the cafe serve? The girls toss around exotic ideas, from Halkara's potions to grasshoppers to endless plates of meat fit for a dragon, until Azusa refines the menu into something more suitable for everyday customers. After all, most of the guests will be ordinary people from Flatta and surrounding areas, and they won't have the appetite of a dragon. Early the next morning, Azusa is ready to finish setting up when she looks out the window and beholds a shocking sight: an incredibly long line of early-bird customers who are eager to get seated ASAP in the new cafe. Azusa has to rally the squad and open the witch cafe pronto.

All Hands On Deck For Azusa's Witch-Maid Cafe

azusa with halkara slimes

Fortunately, everyone is up to the challenge. They don their maid outfits, fire up the kitchen, and welcome their first guests with cheery smiles. So far so good, though the long line of customers is threatening to overwhelm Azusa's rather modest staff, especially since Falfa and Shalsha are just kids who are bound to get worn out. The gang races around to keep up, and as usual, Laika and Flatorte are competing while Rosalie wows the crowd with her telekinetic powers. Then another customer, Beelzebub, arrives and wants to help.

Azusa didn't want to burden others with this job but she does need the help, so Beelzebub gets in uniform (somehow) and picks up the slack while a tiring Shalsha takes over the cash register. Not long after, the leviathan sisters arrive to help in the kitchen before the demon king herself shows up, eager to help her "big sister" while wearing frilly clothes. Finally, Eno the cave witch and Kuku the musician arrive to round things out, and the cafe is a big success all day long.

By evening, as the crowds are tapering off, Azusa reflects how having all these friends makes her new isekai life worth living. No adventure is complete without a party, and she has decades more to spend with these dear friends of hers in I've Been Killing Slimes' world.

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