I’ve Been Killing Slimes: Azusa’s Friends Botch Their Demon King Encounter

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 6 of I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Azusa Aizawa's ultimate goal in I've Been Killing Slimes was to take it easy in this new isekai realm, avoiding the stress and hardship of her previous life. Yet no matter what she does, trouble keeps finding her. Azusa has plenty of friends by now, but they sometimes rope her into their own zany adventures or problems, and today is no different.

Earlier on in the anime, Azusa befriended a dragon girl named Laika, then had to help broker a truce between the red dragon and blue dragon tribes. Now, in Episode 6, it's time for Azusa to reap the rewards -- but if Halkara doesn't shape up, everything will be ruined. What's a max-level witch to do?

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Azusa & Friends Dress Up For the Demon King

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Despite her desire to live a quiet and obscure life, Azusa is building a reputation around these isekai parts. In fact, the distant demon king is aware of her recent actions and wishes to award her the demonic Medal of Freedom in person. Demons are gentle and easygoing people by now, also recognizing great deeds such as forming truces, so it's time to visit the demon capital city of Vanzeld. Azusa can hardly believe it, but she's been holding back on her adventuring potential and it's finally time for a trip.

Azusa and the other girls can smarten up for the ceremony, but poor Rosalie -- the ghost who haunted Halkara's Nutri-Spirit factory -- can't change her wardrobe so easily. So Azusa devises a brand new spell to change Rosalie's outfit, and with that, the gang is ready. Everyone boards a mammoth, flying leviathan named Fatla, and Fatla's humanoid sister Vania is an exemplary host aboard the leviathan's hotel (located on its back). The trip there is a peaceful, and the city of Vanzeld is on the horizon the next morning. This is where Episode 6's fun begins.

Halkara Fumbles In The Demon King's Court

azusa and friends in court

Vania escorts Azusa's group to the city, arriving at the demon king's imposing castle in a carriage. Once inside, the scene grows tense -- despite Beelzebub's talk about demons being gentle now, this is still the heart of demon territory, and the demon king is among this world's most powerful beings. One small slip might spell disaster, and everyone is just waiting for Halkara to make a mistake. It's too late to turn back now.

The group enters the throne room and a petite girl arrives, meeting everyone in turn. She's a big fan of Halkara's Nutri-Spirit drink, which has become a demon realm staple. Halkara is terrified that she, an elf, may be sacrificed out of spite or rage, and wanted to fool the demon king about her true nature. Surprise: this petite girl is the demon king, full name Provat Pecora Allieres. Halkara bows at once, but just as Provat forgives her, Halkara stands up clumsily and head-butts the demon king by mistake.

Provat is flat on her back, and the guards surround Azusa's gang with their weapons drawn. Halkara has unwittingly committed a serious crime, and now the stunned elf is awaiting her sentence in a jail cell. While Azusa is strong enough to defeat anyone in combat, it would be a Pyrrhic victory to free Halkara by force and alienate the entire demon realm. Can the I've Been Killing Slimes protagonist resolve this peacefully and make up with the outraged demon king?

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