Italy Set To Ban Raves

Italy’s Brothers of Italy party, lead by the country’s new PM Giorgia Meloni, has announced plans to outlaw unlicensed raves just hours after police shut one down.

“Witchtrek 2K22” was scheduled to end on Tuesday following the Halloween holiday, but Italy’s new interior minister, Matteo Piantedosi, who is part of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s newly appointed cabinet, ordered the unauthorized gathering be disbanded immediately.

This three-day rave was shut down by the police within the Modena locale of Italy, while the number of ravers present was 3000. Police officers confiscated 14 vans with equipment used at the Halloween party.

Following this event the far-right Prime Minister Georgia Meloni had announced that her government “will not turn a blind eye … to law-breaking,” and would move to tighten laws against unlicensed partying.

Note that for the party organizers of illegal raves could face jail sentences from three to six years, see their equipment confiscated, according to Italian publication la Repubblica. The public is still waiting for the final version of the motion.

Nearby residents had been complaining about the noise as the rave was held for 48 hours straight. However, witnesses said that once the police arrived, the number of about 3000 ravers left the area peacefully, as numerous photos can prove.

Under the proposed new law, public parties of more than 50 people would require a special authorization from the government.

Critics of Meloni’s government claim that the government was focusing on shutting down the rave in Modena while ignoring a march of thousands of fascists that also occurred this weekend.

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Featured image credit: Francesco Campanella