Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: What You Need To Know Before Season 3

With the announcement of the third season of the popular anime, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (also known as DanMachi), fans have been abuzz with excitement for the continuation of Bell Cranel's adventure. For those who have forgotten Orario's universe, here's a brief catch-up.

DanMachi's Origin

The anime is based on a light novel of the same name by author Fujino Omori. As of 2020, the novel has 15 volumes in print.

Despite its misleading title, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls? in a dungeon is a serious dungeon-crawler story set in Orario city. In this world, gods commune with mortals and head houses and families called Familias. By joining a god's Familia, an adventurer becomes their child and receives blessings from their god. Aided by them, these adventurers seek to increase their power levels in the monster-filled dungeon under the city.

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DanMachi: Season 1

The first season aired from April to June 2015 and introduced viewers to the white-haired main protagonist of the series, Bell. He initially begins as the sole member of Hestia Familia -- the poorest and most looked down upon house in all of the city. Both he and the goddess Hestia struggle to make ends meet.

Bell's Growth

During one of his training sessions in the dungeon, Bell almost meets his end but is rescued by the sword princess, Ais Wallenstein of the Loki Familia. This meeting serves to fuel Bell's goal to help his goddess by improving his strength, setting him on the path to self-improvement. Having fallen in love with the first-class adventurer Ais, he begins to come out of his shell, displaying surprising speed in developing his level. Things change spectacularly for him when he receives the Hestia knife, a magical weapon made by Hephaestus with Hestia's aid. It immediately becomes Bell's greatest weapon as it's a special blade that becomes as strong as its wielder, meaning the stronger Bell becomes, the stronger the blade will be.

Bell's Companions

Bell's adventures lead him to grow closer to other adventurers and eventually form close friendships with them. He first befriends a secret shapeshifter, Liliruca Arde, who intended to dupe him at first but later becomes a loyal ally. Second is the blacksmith, Welf Crozzo, who volunteers to join Bell's party and provide armory. Welf, as an adventurer and artisan, is impressed by Bell, as the gods have given him the nickname "little rookie" as a sign of recognition for his achievements.

After forming a new group, Lili, Welf and Bell get into trouble during their exploits in the dungeon when they cross paths with the monsters chasing the fleeing Takemikazuchi Familia. As a result, they end up trapped and fight to exhaustion to stay alive. They are then rescued by the Loki Familia, and a makeshift group that comprises members from Takemikazuchi Familia (including Yamato Mikoto) and the rogue adventurer Syr arrive, accompanied by Hestia. Chaos later ensues as the floor level boss, Goliath, appears. With the help of the two families, Bell deals the finishing blow and celebrates with everyone.

DanMachi: Season 2

The long-overdue second season of the anime aired from July to September 2019. Bell's story resumes some time after the last events of Season 1.

The War Game Challenge

Due to the god Apollo's desire to have Bell, his Familia challenges the Hestia Familia to a war game, which the goddess refuses. Despite the refusal, Apollo still orders the attack on Bell and Hestia. Lili's ties to the Soma Familia are then revealed, forcing her to join the Soma Familia again. Having no other choice, Bell accepts the challenge and proceeds to save Lili.

The shapeshifter, desperate to save her friends, overcomes a trial by Soma, and she receives her freedom. She finally joins the Hestia Familia. Wanting to support Bell in the war game, Welf and Mikoto also join after leaving their Familias. With everyone's help, Bell defeats the captain of the opposing Familia and wins the challenge. This victory means the dissolution of Apollo's Familia and the turnover of their house and assets to Hestia.

Saving Haruhime

Their peace, however, is short-lived as Mikoto receives news that an old friend, Sanjouno Haruhime, has been bought to serve as a sex worker in the red light district owned by the Ishtar Familia. They attempt to meet her and learn she's actually fated to be a sacrifice to increase the Ishtar Familia's power. Unwilling to let her die, Bell convinces everyone to help, including the Takemikazuchi Familia. When they attack the Ishtar Familia, the goddesses Freya and Ishtar fight, leading to Ishtar's death. Bell succeeds in saving Haruhime and she joins the Hestia Familia. The second season wraps up nicely, and the last 24 seconds of its last episode gave viewers a glimpse of what's in store for the third season.

As the series delves deeper into the lore of Orario's world, viewers are bound to see new faces in the upcoming season, along with other details that may shed light on existing questions. Those interested in the series can start watching the first two seasons on Netflix to be caught up in time for the third season's release on October 2.

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