Iruma-Kun! Season 2 Smoothly Ups the Stakes From Season 1

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun!, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The charming isekai fantasy series Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun! tells the tale of Iruma Suzuki, a hardworking and humble 14-year-old who finds himself in a new world -- the demonic Netherworld. He is Lord Sullivan's foster grandson and the sole human student at the Babyls school, and Season 2 delivered more of the same in all the right ways.

Season 1 establishes Iruma Suzuki as an unwitting hero who stumbles into one victory after another, and his classmates learn to respect him as a peer despite Iruma's desperate desire to blend into the background. In Season 2, Iruma and his classmates fight greater battles than ever while heroes and villains alike are fleshed out in exciting ways.

Iruma-Kun! Season 2's Strengths

Iruma prepares to burn the trash

Season 2 of Iruma-Kun! has a few major story arcs, all of which contribute greatly to the anime's main characters and set up even more exciting conflicts for Season 3 in the future. A major development is Iruma's evil side, which is assertive rather than wicked, and this earns the abnormal class a place in the coveted Royal One classroom. Along the way, Iruma and his classmates are challenged to prove their worth in creative ways to the Babyls staff, and they deliver.

Many bloodline abilities are showcased along the way, some of which are also helpful in battle. Later, these bloodline abilities are tested once again as monsters are unleashed in Walter Park, and Iruma's classmates rally as amateur heroes to save the day. Better yet, Naberius Kalego shows his caring side by pushing his students to new heights during this conflict, since he has so much faith in them. Azazel Ameri, in particular, shines as a spectacular action hero.

This new season also deepens some of its characters with all-new challenges, not all of which involve combat or magic. Asmodeus Alice, Iruma's high-strung noble friend, learns a vital lesson about ambition vs. happiness with Sabnock Sabro and the Valac family, and he decides that friendship and everyday happiness are more fulfilling to him than ruthless ambition. He has to focus on the good things he has right now, not the distant possibility of becoming demon king someday. Meanwhile, Azazel Ameri's vulnerable side is explored during her first real date with Iruma, which helps balance her character and gives her something to work on without sabotaging her noble strength or pride in the process.

This season has a strong finish, with some unresolved plot threads and brand-new conflicts to keep the tension high as the season wraps up. Iruma and his friends have come so far, but Kiriwo and his boss Baal will surely strike again, and Kalego challenges his students to reach Rank 4 before their second year -- a daunting challenge for any Babyls student.

Kalego acknowledges that his delinquent students have indeed earned the Royal One classroom -- now they must prove themselves once again, and reach new heights or lose it all. Those are classic stakes for an action shonen series like Iruma-Kun!. Finally, this season teases an even stronger possibility that Iruma will one day become the demon king -- a tantalizing question that may be finally answered in Season 3.

Iruma-Kun! Season 2's Weakness

Season 2 of Iruma-Kun! has few glaring problems, though it is selective about its efforts to deepen the characters and explore their backstories. While characters such as Azazel Ameri are richly defined and rounded out, others remain defined by only one or two basic traits, with their backstories still totally unknown.

For instance, Season 2 makes a token effort to deepen the thief-like student Jazz and explores the Valac family a bit more, but otherwise, most Iruma-Kun! side characters are superficial, including Asmodeus Alice. Aside from his lesson about happiness vs. humility, he remains largely static, and after two whole seasons, very little is known about his backstory and worldview. He is defined too much by his loyalty to Iruma.

Moreover, although Season 2 introduces many new characters, such as Baram the teacher and Romiere's father, Roosevelt, the narrative has too little time to explore them in much detail, and the same is true of some token villains such as Shiida and the other Six Fingers members. These villains appear, do next to nothing, and then vanish when Kiriwo retreats. This is underwhelming, to say the least, but there's a slight hope of Season 3 expanding upon these characters. For now, Season 2 has a few too many for its own good.

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