Inuyasha Highlights Latest VIZ Media, Dim Mak Collaboration

A new collaboration between VIZ Media and Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Collection puts the spotlight on Rumiko Takahashi's Inuyasha.

The new collection blends Aoki's Dim Mak style with various Inuyasha characters, including the titular half-demon and his love interest Kagome. Other characters in the spotlight include the lecherous monk Miroku and Inuyasha's brother Sesshomaru, along with demon slayer Sango and the malevolent Miroku. The collection consists of 12 different t-shirts and hoodies in various colors, including tie-dye and heliconia pink. Prices range from $38-$85.

"I love the story of togetherness in Inuyasha. I am all about collaboration whether it’s in my music, fashion, or every day. I have always been inspired by the magic of when people from differing perspectives align to create something new," Aoki said in a statement.

Previous Dim Mak collaborations spotlighted animated series including Naruto and The Powerpuff Girls.

Created by Rumiko Takahashi, Inuyasha focuses on the exploits of Inuyasha and Kagome as they seek the shards of the Four Souls Jewel, which grants immense power to the user. Inuyasha is one of the most popular anime series in the world and eventually led to a sequel series Yashahime, which focuses on Inuyasha and Kagome's daughter Moroha and Sesshomaru's daughters Towa and Setsuna.

Dim Mak x Inuyasha merchandise is currently available to pre-order.

Source: Dim Mak Collection

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