In/Spectre Season 1’s Biggest Unanswered Questions

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of  In/Spectre, streaming now on Crunchyroll.

The supernatural anime In/Spectre's first season began with a lot of promise and was reinforced by the manga's decade-long presence. By the finale, the time jumps and twists were met with a fair share of criticism. Being dialogue heavy like Death Note, the slow pacing was a stark contrast to how the show was advertised. What was promised as an action-packed supernatural horror anime ended up disappointing some fans with a drawn-out story arc that focused too much on spoken deduction. Despite this, In/Spectre has been recognized for its original and fascinating premise. With Season 2 scheduled for 2022, here are the biggest lingering questions fans.

What Made Kuro Different From His Siblings?

Kuro Sakuragawa from In/Spectre, upset face mid battle, bloodied mouth and bright yellow eyes

In/Spectre co-protagonist Kuro Sakuragawa's past reveals that his ancestors would (unsuccessfully) consume mermaid and kudan meat to achieve immortality. When his grandmother secretly feeds this deadly combination to him and his siblings, Kuro is the only one who survives. What made him different from the others? Was it pure chance, or something more? Hopefully future episodes explain what made Kuro different enough to stay alive. Still, he wasn't the only one to survive and achieve immortality. Although she'd been established as dead in Episode 1, Kuro's hospitalized cousin Rikka is also revealed to be alive and immortal.

What Happens to Kuro's Mysterious Cousin Rikka?

Rikka Sakuragawa in the In/Spectre anime

One of the big reveals at the end of In/Spectre Season 1 is that Rikka was responsible for creating and controlling Steel Lady Nanase. In order to reverse her immortal state and return to being a normal human, Rikka created a fake Wikipedia page and essentially manifested Steel Lady Nanase to life. It isn't exactly clear how this would make her mortal again, though. Her attempt is thwarted by Kotoko and Steel Lady Nanase is killed by Kuro, but it is unclear what happens to Rikka. Did she become mortal again? Is she dead? Many are hoping to see more of her in future episodes.

Will In/Spectre Season 2 Deliver What Was Promised?

Inspectre Kotoko think

Promotional images and trailers promised an action-packed supernatural horror anime, and plenty of fans were disappointed when this wasn't the case. In/Spectre's promising beginning is quickly dulled by the Steel Lady Nanase arc that drags on for more than half of Season 1. Many argue that story could have easily been compressed into two or three episodes. Kuro's regenerative powers, and the well-executed animation accompanying them, are barely utilized in the last few episodes of the season. Hopeful fans want to see more action for the yokai-filled anime's next season.

Will Kuro and Kotoko Actually Get Married?

The Season 2 teaser for In/Spectre hints at a wedding, but the show has so far had a middling track record of delivering what is promoted. Arguably, the couple's relationship doesn't seem fleshed out enough to earn a wedding just yet, but many hope that the next season will spend more time developing the dysfunctional duo enough to warrant one.

Fans are hoping Season 2 will pick up the pace that Season 1 lacked and will see the return of the blood, gore, and yokai-fighting action that was so well loved within the first three episodes. It will take a lot to recover from the mistakes that were made in the first season, but these promises can still be fulfilled.

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