In Session: Chloé Robinson

Chloé Robinson is taking her sound in a new direction. Dropping her bass music-linked Barely Legal moniker, the London-based artist is entering a new stage of her career, moving into house and techno and producing her first tracks.

We profiled the artist to talk about developing her skills and confidence, and alongside the interview she's made her debut DJ mix as Chloé Robinson for our In Session series.

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"Super excited to be sharing this debut mix under my new name moving forward, Chloé Robinson, and felt it was the perfect opportunity to showcase my debut productions too- it’s a really new and amazing feeling having the confidence to have a sound which I can call my own,” says Chloé.

Listen and check out the tracklist below.

Chloé Robinson + DJ ADHD - Genius
Bleaker - Hype (Funk)
Chloé Robinson + DJ ADHD - Steamin
Chloé Robinson + DJ ADHD - Casper
Pangaea - Hex
Chloé Robinson + DJ ADHD - Alann
Addison Groove - Footcrab Stomp Mix
Addison Groove - Footcrab
Chloé Robinson + DJ ADHD - Titch
DJ ADHD - Wobble 4x4
Chloé Robinson + DJ ADHD - Kwik Fit
Chloé Robinson + DJ ADHD - Pax
Horsepower Productions - When You Hold Me (Version)
Nikki Nair - Startrack
Reptant - Transcendents From The Outer Sphere
Boylan & Trends - Germs
Commodo - GUAH
Sir Spyro - Check
Vladimir Dubyshkin - Grasshopper
Thys + DJ ADHD + Chloé Robinson - Tuned Out
Zenker Brothers - Sorting Peanuts (Original mix)
Nikki Nair - Scuzzy