In Horimiya, Distance Really Does Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Horimiya Episode 7, "You're Here, I'm Here," now streaming on Funimation.

With Hori and Miyamura's relationship ticking along nicely -- despite a few speed bumps along the way -- Episode 7 of Hormiya shifts its focus to their friends and classmates, several of whom are battling their own insecurities. The shy but earnest Sakura Kono, a Student Council member, quietly harbors feelings for Toru Ishikawa but knows he's still getting over his own rejection by Hori. She's been keeping her distance but a timely accident helps bring them closer together.

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As Toru and the affable Yuki Yoshikawa haul heavy loads of trash out of a classroom, Toru turns a corner and bumps right into Sakura, spilling liquid on her uniform. Mortified, he runs off to get his jacket and gives it to her to cover up with, both embarrassing Sakura and warming her heart. But Yuki, usually so outgoing and upbeat, is quietly unhappy seeing Sakura slowly bond with Toru.

Sakura has her internal struggles as well, fearing she isn't pretty or thin enough to be attractive. She constantly stumbles over her words around Toru and avoids him because of that. But after the accident, her desire to grow closer to him wins out. Returning his borrowed jacket the next day, Sakura also gives him a batch of homemade cookies as a thank you gift. One way to Toru's heart is through his stomach and he is extremely grateful, though he seems oblivious to Sakura's true feelings. Sakura doesn't mind at all -- she's happy to be closing the distance between them.

Their growing bond also spotlights Yuki's mixed feelings. As Hori and Miyamura grew closer and soon became a couple, Toru struggled to accept it -- but Yuki was able to read his mind and comfort him. Yuki constantly watches over her friends, ready to listen, make them laugh or fill whatever role they may need at the moment. Though outgoing, she's also a pacifist who avoids confrontation at all costs. But Yuki, like everyone else in Horimiya, deals with hidden hardships as well. As Toru gradually spends more time with Sakura, Yuki grows more distant from him in response.

Whether she feels unappreciated or has romantic feelings for Toru is unclear, but a sudden internal antagonism toward Sakura suggests the latter. None of the three fully realize the intensity of their situation, but it's clear that friendships will be tested to their limit.

While their friends wrestle with varying levels of emotional distance, Hori and Miyamura endure their first long-term physical separation. Miyamura is out of town for a week to visit family -- and in the ultimate 21st Century nightmare, forgets his cell phone charger. Hori was already uneasy with Miyamura's absence, but the lack of any phone calls or texts makes it even more painful as she counts the days until his return. And thanks to his dead phone battery, she doesn't even know what time he's coming home.

Finally snapping on the last day, Hori races to his apartment as fast as she can. Miyamura, who's just gotten home, finally plugs in his cell phone, sees Hori's latest message and goes to find her as well. His building's elevator door opens... and there's Hori, running into his arms for an emotional reunion. The two have become such an inextricable part of each other's everyday lives that being apart makes them both realize how deeply in love they are.

At first, Hori enjoyed spending time with Miyamura because they shared personal secrets and she could depend on him, but now all she really wants is to be together all the time. In their case, distance only made their hearts grow even fonder in Horimiya.

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