If You’re Ready For Awakening Your Entire Spectrum Of Emotions, Listen To Sophie Fay’s New EP Handle With Care

Finding an album or a song that is not following the measurements of getting hyped and going viral is not something that happens every day. Most of the time, we find songs that sound the same, and albums that we realize are not worth spending our time on. So, if you are a music enthusiast, you can consider New York City-born underground artist Sophie Fay's new EP Handle With Care as a gift from the music gods. On a more serious note, the EP is everything we adore about the underground. It is heavy, mature, and most importantly real and unapologetically truthful. 

The 24 minutes you will spend listening to the album may change your life views and understanding of the world forever. Handle With Care is emotionally awakening and life-changing, as it tells the artist's view on humanity and the false perception that leads us to make "designed decisions." Sophie breaks out from the designed system, and the EP is the manifestation of her life views.  

Sophie's world is floating with dreamy soundscapes, intimacy, grooviness, ethereal moods, soul-stirring melodies and infinite beauty. Her usage of bold, experimentative sound mixes genres that have nothing in common, which makes so much sense in the whole scene. Handle With Care is filled with rhythmic R&B beats, Dance tunes, electro sounds, and even Rock riffs. The 24-minute experience of the EP is unforgettable, to say the least.