Ibiza Set To Test An Outdoor Event With 2000 People

Ibiza will host its first legal 2,000-person rave since the pandemic began as a pilot event in the coming weeks. It will take place around the end of June or the beginning of July, with a date yet to be confirmed.

According to Tourinnews, the outdoor party has been agreed by the Balearic government and the Ibiza Leisure Association, running at an undisclosed location on the island.

The event will run at 50 per cent capacity. Attendees can only enter if they present a negative test taken 72 hours before, show proof of vaccination, or have previously had COVID-19.

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José Luis Benítez, Ibiza Leisure Association’s manager, told Tourinnews: “Much progress is being made in vaccinations. We are going to de-escalate little by little and, when we see that things are working and that the work that has been done with the pilot test and the outdoor venues give results, we will re-start nightlife.”

“Nightlife will return to Ibiza,” he said. “We’ll have it very soon, but it will be different.”

Via: Mixmag