How The Idhun Chronicles Sets up Season 3

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of The Idhun Chronicles, available now on Netflix.

Season 2 of Netflix's The Idhun Chronicles changed the war up big time as Jack, Alsan and Victoria got a couple of key boosts against the Necromancer Ashran. Shail is back in their Resistance, as it was revealed he wasn't killed by Kirtash but just got teleported back to Idhun. With new allies joining and Ashran's camp showing holes as well, let's dissect what a potential Season 3 could entail.

Expanding the Revolution

Shail was sent to Idhun by Kirtash so he could start rounding up even more mages to go after Ashran. Shail eventually formed a small army that raided Ashran's tower in the Season 2 finale, but they did endure a lot of losses. Now that Kirtash has turned on his father and is looking to bring Ashran down, they can use his portals for recruitment.

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He can send them to Limbhad and other realms, and with Shail's talent growing, they can bring soldiers in from the other kingdoms. Admittedly, dages would be scared to join up but Alsan can alleviate the situation as he's the regent of Vanissar. Apart from loyalists to his crown, he can become the face of the Resistance and help get other royals on board.

Kirtash can also seek out dissidents who turned on Ashran, although it won't be easy because once they find out he's Ashran's son, they'll be skeptical. What will definitely help the crusade out is Victoria, the last unicorn, and Jack, the last dragon. They the power within to harness the magic and the light of Idhun, as the prophecy does state they, as well as Kirtash, will free the land.

The Love Triangle

Jack doesn't trust Kirtash and will still be competing for Vic's affection. He thinks they should be together as the souls of the ancient mystical creatures reincarnated in their bodies, but the prophecy doesn't confirm if they're to really be soul mates. Kirtash could be the one she chooses as she does love him more than Jack so there'll be a lot of romantic drama to come.

Vic is yet to decide as she's only focused on freeing Idhun. As for Jack, he's going to be monitoring Kirtash closely as he knows the Shek serpent within can corrupt him. He doesn't know if Ashran has a failsafe that could brainwash Kirtash again and he's already said he has no problem using his flaming sword to put Kirtash down.

Kirtash has admitted that he too will do anything to protect Vic, including killing anyone on both sides of the war. Vic's fairy grandma did say this is a blessing as it means Vic would be safe, but if Kirtash gets too emotional, he could become an enemy again. Shail trusts him but Alsan doesn't so Kirtash might get annoyed, making the love triangle complex again.

The Empire's Revenge

Ashran is quite devious, so he may be playing Kirtash in order for his son to inadvertently bring the dragon and unicorn to the villain. On top of that, he has his winged-snake army and a legion of followers from across the realms to go after the Resistance.

The fact he used Vic already and powered his tower up doesn't bode well, as he could have created more creatures using his Necromancy. He may have other mages similar to Elrion, who Kirtash killed in Season 1. Many sorcerers follow Ashran's command because, even though he's a tyrant, they think he can offer them more power once he can use the land's magic.

Last but not least, the evil fairy, Gerde, can also recruit more supernatural beings to rally to the Necromancer's side. She has a knack for making monsters of her own as well so she might be ready to beef his army up. As Ashran's understudy, she can't be underestimated. It's hinted she's at least as powerful as Kirtash and should be an x-factor in the upcoming fight.

Both seasons of The Idhun Chronicles are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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