How Shaman King Sets Up Season 2

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Shaman King (2021), now streaming on Netflix.

In Shaman King (2021), Yoh Asakura's life changes drastically as the mystic goes from lazy kid to a Chosen One who channels ghosts. Season 1 ends with him and his crew, which includes many folks he redeems along the way, gearing up in America for a three-month trek to the Shaman Fight tournament. With that in mind, let's dissect what Season 2 could entail given the enemies lurking nearby and the secrets still to be unraveled.

The Patch Tribe's Secret

Yoh's gang initially thought Silva and the Patch members were allies who officiated the tournament, but Lilirara said they were sadistic figures who waged war on her Seminoa tribe. Sadly, Lilirara got killed but Shaman King Season 2 can focus on the remnants from her clan meeting with Yoh and the others to educate them.

They can form an alliance if the Patch is indeed treacherous, although Lilirara could've been misled. One rogue Patch soldier seems to be responsible for the bloody past, but Yoh will reserve judgment until everything's revealed. Either way, a war with this tribe could level up Yoh's team or lead to their deaths before or during the tournament.

Hao and Yoh's Destiny

Season 1 of Shaman King spoiled early on how Hao and Yoh are twins, with Lilirara's story confirming the Patch killer is reincarnated in Hao's body. This is why Hao is the strongest of them all, looking to finish the mission by becoming the Shaman Fight winner, transcending into god mode and then enslaving or annihilating mankind.

We're not sure what his gripe with humanity is but Hao may try to murder his brother, harness Yoh's powers or even turn him to the dark side. Yoh might need the Asakura clan, including his grandfather, Yohmei, to come to his aid. There's a chance Yoh might be able to redeem Hao, but for now, he and his crew are targets as Hao's Over Soul and the Fire Spirit he's rocking are simply too strong.

The Shaman Fight Tournament

Ultimately, this tournament is why heroes came from all over the world to America. Yoh and his ghost, Amidamaru, will have to be at their best with the sword Harusame, while Horohoro will have to harness his ice power and nature elemental, Kororo, to level up. The wooden swordsman Ryu and his ghost, Tokageroh, must also step up to prove they're not underdogs.

Tao Ren knows many tough enemies will be aiming for their heads, so he and Bason will have to evolve as well. He's finally free of his shackles and has a weapon from his father, and seeing as his dynasty is turning their lives around, Ren could become a wildcard. He has the tools he needs, plus his sister, Jun, is free as well, which can inspire positivity in Ren and make him stronger.

Anna and Tamao's Love Triangle

Both Anna and Tamao love Yoh, with Anna being his fiancee. It seemed to be out of duty first but there's genuine affection there. She's glad Yoh has evolved into something bigger and after the teens spend a night together, their love is stronger than assumed. Anna's ability to summon dead souls could also help Yoh achieve his full potential, should she sneak over to America.

Tamao has more of a fangirl crush on Yoh but they do have small amounts of chemistry. Seeing as she lost her spirit allies, Ponchi and Conchi, protecting Yoh, he might have a soft spot for her. Either way, Yoh's going to have to figure out who to pick as both girls are selflessly trying to help him win the competition.

Manta's Heroic Future

Manta's father, Mansumi, made it clear he didn't want his son mingling with mystics. However, Manta has forsaken them to be there with Yoh. Seeing as Manta is also a shaman, he could happen across a ghost that wants to make him a warrior like the others. It'd definitely be the biggest insult he can offer up his Oyamada clan, who are just greedy business moguls.

Jun's ability to use dead souls and zombies such as Pyron Lee, plus Faust using necromancy, are all possible cases Manta can study. He's quite a genius and this work can even help Yoh's team unlock more powerful Over Souls as weapons to use in the tournament. Either way, Manta's destiny in Shaman King seems much greater than just being comic relief.

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