How Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Sets up Sequels & Spinoffs

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, now streaming on Netflix, as well as discussions of suicide and self-harm.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness pads a story in between Resident Evil 4 and 5, teasing what Tricell was up to with its shady chemical plans. It focuses on the pharmaceutical company's work in the shadows with U.S. Defense Secretary Wilson, turning soldiers into bioweapons and making them harder to kill -- and eventually zombies -- that could be deployed in war. However, while Wilson's plot is foiled by Leon and Claire, there are some directions set up for other stories outside the games.

A Prequel About The Mad Dogs

Jason is the head of a squad called the Mad Dogs, which Wilson exposed to the virus in Penamstan during a clean-up mission. They saved soldiers he wanted dead and burned, but when they got back, only Wilson's inhibitors could stop them from becoming zombies. Sure, they got medals of honor, but they became his war dogs and ran black-ops missions.

A prequel to Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness can focus on their previous stories in the field and even back in America, performing dirty deeds to cover up his missions. Jason's already been seen killing innocents in the submarine, so previous jobs where the Mad Dogs had to cross lines can be looked at as well.

It would explain how all of them, bar the now-deceased Jason, committed suicide and could give Shen May some more air-time on tracking down Wilson's associates. This would form a political and ethical story of how these super-soldiers didn't become altruistic like Captain America, with their agency taken away once they wanted to survive.

Defense Secretary Wilson's Sinister Labs

Seeing as Wilson spearheaded the invasion of Penamstan and set up his field lab there, a sequel to Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness can look at other labs he had in operation. It could even dissect other countries and conditions, such as the snowy Russian climate or maybe something tropical down in South America.

This would provide insight into Tricell's other viruses and monsters they were making for Wilson, maybe even secretly hoping to peddle to other countries for the war game. Given that the anime ends with him infected and getting Tricell treatment, there could be a hunt for him as America tries to clean the mess up. Or it can lead to him either wanting a permanent cure, or more bioweapons made out of revenge.

Wilson's the kind of man who could have been working with other companies along the lines of Umbrella Corporation as well. This can involve Albert Wesker, who later aligned himself with Tricell, to paint a story from the pharmaceutical side of things. Some companies think they're acting in the name of good, so that would craft moral dilemmas and provide traitors. It opens doors to corporate espionage, which could benefit Claire, who wants to expose Wilson but needs evidence Leon won't provide.

Expand On the Other Heroes in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Seeing as there are other companies making zombies and mutant soldiers, Wilson's actions could also involve Chris Redfield and other agents of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA). This can also act as a precursor to Resident Evil 5, with stories about how Chris and his partner, Sheva Alomar, were monitoring Tricell and pulling off other missions against like-minded tyrants.

It can also continue Claire's search for the truth and deal with Leon considering how to expose the fraud of these villains, without harming good people like U.S. President Graham. We can even get insight into when Wesker took Jill Valentine and brainwashed her, producing a Winter Soldier story of sorts before Chris eventually gets her back on their side.

There's still a lot to mine with Tricell opening the can of worms on international companies, all overplaying this twisted terrorist game in the name of profit. New agents from Chris' team can also be created to expand the Resident Evil universe as Infinite Darkness did.

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