How Powerful Is Dragon Ball’s Super Saiyan Rage – and Is It Trunks’ Final Form?

Dragon Ball Super saw the return of fan-favorite character Future Trunks, whose last previous canonical appearance was during the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z's Cell Games Saga. Though he was stronger than ever, Future Trunks still returned to the prime Dragon Ball timeline for assistance from Goku and the Z Fighters against a new threat menacing his alternate future: the villainous Zamasu.

As the final battle against Zamasu raged, the evil god merged two alternate versions of himself from alternate timelines to become even more terrifyingly powerful. But, pushed to the very brink, Future Trunks unveiled a new transformation of his own that turned the tide of battle against his divine enemy: Super Saiyan Rage.

By the time of Future Trunks' return in Dragon Ball Super, the time-traveling hero had mastered the Super Saiyan 2 transformation, a form that eluded most of the Z Fighters during DBZ as they fought against Cell. Even with this transformation in hand, Future Trunks was still unable to defend his world from Goku Black, a version of Goku from an alternate timeline whose body was possessed by Zamasu. And as the Z Fighters joined Future Trunks in his own timeline to take on Merged Zamasu, it was ultimately up to Trunks to deal the final blow against the villain using Super Saiyan Rage, which is now Trunks' most powerful transformation yet in the official Dragon Ball canon.

Super Saiyan Rage resembles the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation most associated with Broly, as with both forms, the users' pupils disappear, their muscle mass slightly increases and they enter a near-uncontrollable berserk state as they give into their raw anger. Given how much stronger Future Trunks becomes while using the form, it's clear that Super Saiyan Rage is significantly more powerful than Super Saiyan 2, catching Zamasu off-guard long enough for Trunks to cleave him in two, just in time for Future Zeno to erase all traces of the god and his destroyed future. And while Super Saiyan Rage is as powerful as Future Trunks has become in the official continuity, non-canon stories have versions of the character going even stronger.

The popular video game Super Dragon Ball Heroes, and its accompanying manga and anime adaptations, aren't canon but have debuted plenty of new transformations and character fusions as fun "what-if" stories. One of the most prominent familiar faces in Super Dragon Ball Heroes is Xeno Trunks, the Future Trunks of the Xenoverse who is tasked with defending this world's branching timelines as part of the Time Patrol. While serving on the Time Patrol, Xeno Trunks is shown achieving Super Saiyan 3 and the Super Saiyan God transformation, able to wield a divine sword capable of vanquishing some of the Xenoverse's greatest enemies.

Ever since he debuted to warn Goku and the Z Fighters about the impending arrival of killer androids, Future Trunks has been one of the most popular characters in the entire Dragon Ball franchise. Future Trunks' return in Dragon Ball Super was a welcome one that allowed him to deliver a standout fight as a newly transformed Super Saiyan Rage warrior. And while Future Trunks' progression may have canonically stopped at Super Saiyan Rage for now, Super Dragon Ball Heroes offers an incarnation of the character that has grown even more powerful, with a whole host of new Saiyan transformations.

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