How New Gods: Nezha Reborn Sets Up a Weapon-Hunting Sequel

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for New Gods: Nezha Reborn, now streaming on Netflix.

The Netflix-distributed film, New Gods: Nezha Reborn ends on a victorious note for protagonist Li Yunxiang as he finally becomes the fire-god, Nezha; embracing both the deity and human side within. Unfortunately, it costs him big as he lost his dad, Old Li, along the way, as well as one of his closest friends, Six. They became collateral damage from the war that the East Sea Dragon King, Ao Guang, waged. However, Li Yunxiang is now looking forward to his new role as a protector, and some intriguing post-credits scenes already set up the confirmed, weapon-hunting sequel to his adventure.

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By the film's end, Li Yunxiang finally harnesses his Sky Ribbon and stops the tsunami that the river dragons are inadvertently bringing about in the finale. When he's done, he gloats to the Monkey King that he's ready to do Nezha's job, speeding away on his bike with Su Junchu and a mystical pup. The Monkey King's impressed but adds that the new hero needs his other Astras or celestial weapons for whatever's to come. He mentions the Cosmic Rings, Dragon Catcher and Fire Wheel, as well as one other more mysterious item.

One post-credits sequence shows a home in the desert that's as derelict as can be. As animals scurry around and statues crumble, we see the rings and what appears to be the other relics the Monkey King mentioned. They're also already activating, which suggests they're waiting for Nezha to come and find them. But their activation might make them beacons, so other gods may come also after them before he can.

During Nezha, the Dragon King used the ribbon to trap mythical monsters, the oceans and rivers of China, and power up his dragon pearl, making it even clearer that these weapons could be used against Nezha. Luckily, it appears he won't be alone: the finale shows Su on her bike, as well as Kasha (his adoptive sister), making it seem like they'll join Nezha on this potential treasure hunt. They might even be guided by the Monkey King, who needs his staff, as well.

There's also a relic that mystically generates a couple of names from the Order of the Gods: Mo Liqing, a celestial general, and Ao Bing, the third son of the Dragon King and the ice dragon, whose spine Nezha ripped out. It seems they're going to be reborn as well, so the sequel can also follow Li Yunxiang sussing out if they're friend or foe.

Lastly, the final post-credits scene has Nezha speeding through Donghai, only to come across a dog playing with a man in a suit and hat in an alley. This directly teases the 2022 sequel, New God List: Yang Jian, hinting this is Yang (aka Erlang Shen), one of Nezha's friends from the lore. Given that he's got an all-knowing third eye, he could be key to helping Nezha and the Monkey Kings find these relics and discern allies and enemies for the next war of the gods.

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