How Netflix’s Blood of Zeus Sets up Redemption for Its Most Deceitful Villain

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Blood of Zeus Season 1, currently streaming on Netflix.

Netflix's Blood of Zeus features many questionable characters with sinister motives during the civil war on Olympus. In addition, we see humanity at its worst with the likes of King Acrisius killing his own family to attain ultimate power.

However, it's Hera who unsurprisingly turns out to be the show's most deceitful villain because she's so bitter Zeus cheated on her (again). She summons the Giants to kill him, his followers and any humans that share his genetics. But in an interesting turn of events, the series also sets Hera up for redemption in Season 2.

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Zeus and Hera had a remarkable romance when they killed off the Titans and the Giants that spawned from the Titans' blood. There's one amazing moment when they're inside a Giant, staring into each other's eyes as if to say they'll be faithful for all eternity before blowing it to bits. However, this changes when the arrival of Heron, Zeus' seventh bastard, pushes Hera to her breaking point, hating him, other bastard children like Apollo and Hermes, as well as the women Zeus sired kids with, such as Electra, Heron's mother.

She justifies this misplaced passion as a reason to wage war but when the Giants turn on her after she brings back their souls, there's an interesting scene that proves there's still light in her. Zeus sacrifices himself to save her but just before he blows up in a lightning bomb, he gives her his signature wink. It's a special flirtation they have and as she screams, she realizes she still loves him.

Granted, he's been a toxic douche to her, but Hera knows he could be better and immediately starts to regret what she's done, especially when she sees the Giants killing Zeus' faction, and her disciples, too. When Seraphim goes to murder Hera, though, she disappears in shame, but this opens the window for atonement.

With Hades poised to work with Seraphim to take a vulnerable Olympus now that Zeus is gone, Hera will be needed more than ever. After all, she didn't manipulate human affairs until Zeus pissed her off. She was actually a hero, so if her old home is under threat, we can see her defending her family. New Olympus could do with her leadership and experience, and in all fairness, her coup was just because she just wanted the Olympians to have a better ruler. If she knows someone more selfish in Hades is coming for the throne, this is a chance to set things right and honor her former husband.

She also has a fairly decent relationship with Zeus' brother, Poseidon, and while she's frosty with the others such as Heron, we can see them welcoming her to the fold again. Hera's quite powerful, as well, so they'll need her know-how on military strategy and physical warrior's strength against someone like Hades; someone who'd know his flaws inside out.

Without Zeus, she's the next best thing, and once she puts aside selfish desires, Hera could be the ultimate queen and make amends for pushing Seraphim to kill Electra, for trying to end Heron's life and maybe even save Seraphim from the darkness consuming his soul. The Olympians still believe in her, and this is a prime opportunity to put her people first and protect their future.

Starring Jason O'Mara, Mamie Gummer, Chris Diamantopoulos, Derek Phillips and Jessica Henwick, Blood of Zeus Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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