How My Hero Academia’s Wild Wild Pussycats Redefine Hero Squads

Superheroes are part of a proper business in the world of My Hero Academia, and solo heroes such as the rabbit-themed Mirko seem to be an exception. Most heroes are part of a formal agency, made up of battle-ready heroes and support members alike -- like the Nighteye agency Izuku trained with. However, there is also the matter of the Wild, Wild Pussycats.

This particular hero team is unique, as far as Izuku has determined, and not just because of their flair. The Wild, Wild Pussycats team is dedicated to search and rescue missions in rugged and wild terrain, and even elite pro heroes would struggle with this job unless they had proper training and expertise. The team introduced the students of U.A. to a perfect example of a hero squad built for specific success.

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Members & Methods Of The Wild, Wild Pussycats

Each member of the Wild, Wild Pussycats squad has a role to play. First, Ragdoll is the human radar with her Search Quirk, which can pinpoint the locations of many people at once. That is an obvious must for any team dedicated to wilderness search and rescue. Then, Mandalay has a Telepath Quirk to communicate with any victims to reassure them and get vital intel from them during a mission. Next, Pixie-Bob's Earth Flow Quirk is a physical one, allowing her to reshape the dirt around her to help navigate rough terrain or prevent a victim from falling down a cliff. Finally, the brawny Tiger is a melee hero who can defeat any wild animals or villains who happen to be in the area.

Not all disasters or accidents happen within an urban zone; sometimes, hikers or campers get lost or hurt, and a hero patrolling the streets is in no position to help them. However, with the four members' combined Quirks, it is easy to find and extract anyone in Japan's countryside, especially in mountainous terrain -- making them ideal search & rescue operatives. Even if villains, criminals or dangerous wild animals are present, the Wild, Wild Pussycats are ready, and there is little risk of collateral damage. In addition, the Wild, Wild Pussycats are always available to help train student heroes since their remote compound has plenty of room and diverse terrain.

Wild, Wild Pussycats In The Story Of My Hero Academia

pixie-bob hero

After the U.A. sports festival, though many students did well, it became clear that Class 1-A still had a long way to go. Enter the Wild, Wild Pussycats, who made their dazzling debut during the forest training arc when Shota Aizawa/Eraser Head decided to train his students with the Pussycats to expedite the learning process. So, it was up to the four Pussycats to smooth out the kinks in each student's technique, mainly regarding their Quirks. Vlad King, Class 1-B's teacher, brought along his students for training as well.

Despite their flamboyant and goofy style, the Wild, Wild Pussycats did not take it easy on the two classes. What's more, they also showed the students of U.A. what it meant to be a hero squad -- demonstrating the importance of understanding your Quirk and that you can bring out your best by coordinating with complementary abilities. While the training would prove invaluable, things would take a turn when the League of Villains attacked, intending to capture Katsuki Bakugo and obtain his Explosion Quirk.

Despite the massive blow that was dealt to the Wild, Wild Pussycats -- Ragdoll's capture and loss of her Search Quirk by the hands of All For One -- the group showed their resilience. Ragdoll was incredibly distraught at the loss of her useful Quirk. Still, fortunately, she learned to cope with this and was back in good spirits by the time the Wild, Wild Pussycats paid a visit to U.A. shortly before the school's culture festival in Season 4. The Wild, Wild Pussycats crew has suffered at the hands of villains, but they don't go down easy. They still have claws, despite all that's happened.

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