How Mr. Knight Changed Moon Knight Forever

Unlike other vigilantes in the Marvel Universe, Moon Knight is unique because he has operated on multiple tiers of the hero spectrum. For example, he can be seen fighting thugs on the streets, taking down supernatural threats and even fighting intergalactic enemies with the Avengers. But the one constant has always been that Marc Spector is out to deal out justice for the Moon God Khonshu. However, he has also had a dark side that has taken the form of a man named Jake Lockley. Lockley is often known to be the rage-filled aspect of Marc's psyche and has hindered his efforts to become a true hero as a result. Thankfully. The Mr. Knight persona not only streamlined the maze that is Marc's psyche but also helped change the character forever.

Moon Knight was never one for the spotlight in his early years. However, as he became more of a prominent fixture in the Marvel Universe, his public image didn't fare well as he would often be shown brutalizing his foes, even cutting the face off of his arch-nemesis, Bushmaster. Not long after his public displays of brutality, Mr. Knight came into the picture in the Moon Knight run by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey. Mr. Knight, always shown in a white suit, acted as Marc's public hero persona and would help those in need, no matter the task.

As Mr. Knight, Spector would encounter everything from spirits to murder mysteries, but his goal of looking more like a hero in the eyes of the public was a rousing success. However, the angry part of him that was better suited for Jake Lockley was still hungry for vengeance, and it was then that the hooded look of Moon Knight would return. This allowed for the messier aspects of superhero work to be done in the shadows, while Mr. Knight gave citizens a face they could rely on.

In the most recent Moon Knight, run by Jed MacKay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Rachelle Rosenberg and VC's Cory Petit, even more order was brought to the character's hero personas. Now, Mr. Knight is shown as a more organized hero with the Midnight Mission, a base of operations where people can explain their problems to Mr. Knight. Should it be deemed important (and it usually is), Mr. Knight will hit the streets as Moon Knight and either outsmart or out punch any threats that could come his way. While Mr. Knight has been great for Marc in the public eye, it also shone a light on a sensitive topic about mental illness and a positive message for the many who have experienced it.

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Marc Spector has dealt with dissociative identity disorder for years. While issues have shown various systems that he's implemented to help him deal with his illness, it's been an evolution rather than a collection of successes and failures. However, Mr. Knight brought a sense of peace to Marc as he could now balance his alternate personalities in a constructive way that is good for himself and those around him. In terms of how this is a powerful lesson for readers, it offers hope for many that have dealt with their own struggles.

To show Mr. Knight, and by extension Marc, deal with the ups and downs of his life could inspire others to find their Mr. Knight to shine a light through the darkness and achieve their own balance. Mr. Knight changed Moon Knight for the better because he represented the idea that for every struggle a person has endured, there's a way to clean it up or make sense of it. For every problem, there's a solution ready to be utilized. For Marc, it was Mr. Knight, but for anyone dealing with their own struggles, Mr. Knight is an inspiration for readers to find their own inner hero.

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