How Many Jedi Councils Were There in Star Wars – and What Did They Do?

The Jedi Council was introduced in George Lucas’ Star Wars prequel films and acts as the main governing body of the Jedi Order. While fans of both Star Wars and Star Wars: The Clone Wars may be familiar with the Council, what few of them know is that there are actually four total Jedi Councils, with each serving a different purpose. These councils are the Jedi High Council, the Council of First Knowledge, the Council of Reassignment and the Council of Reconciliation.

The Jedi High Council Is Most Familiar to Star Wars Fans

Located in the central tower of the Jedi Temple, the Jedi High Council is best known as the primary Jedi Council and the lead body in both decision-making and enforcing the Jedi Code. It consisted of 12 seated members, all of whom were esteemed Jedi Masters. The High Council was led by both the Master of the Order and Grand Master. While Mace Windu held the former title before the Clone Wars, the two titles were both held by Yoda during the war. To join the High Council, a Jedi must be nominated and voted upon by other members of the Council.

Membership of the High Council was divided into three categories: permanent, long-term and short-term. During the Clone Wars, there were a total of five permanent members, including Yoda, Mace Windu and Plo Koon. The long-term members serve the Council until they choose to step down for any reason. Finally, the short-term members usually sit on the Council for a limited time and under special circumstances, as was the case for Anakin Skywalker, who joined in 19 BBY as a representative of Chancellor Palpatine.

The Council of First Knowledge Provides Ancient Wisdom

Star Wars Jedi Council of First Knowledge

The Council of First Knowledge is located in the Tower of First Knowledge and was led by the Caretaker of First Knowledge. The purview of the five members of the council included the academy and its curriculum, procuring advice on ancient wisdom and maintaining the Temple Archives. Accessing information from the Jedi Archives was typically overseen by the Head Librarian, which was held by Jocasta Nu during the Clone Wars.

In Legends, the Council of First Knowledge was also responsible for the destruction of Sith artifacts and knowledge. Despite this, a restricted area located in the Jedi Archives contained several Sith Holocrons, likely for Jedi Masters to study. Additionally, there were five members of this council, with only one permanent member. The rest of the members would serve a five-year span and step down after their term.

The Council of Reassignment Deals With Failed Younglings

Star Wars Jedi Council of Reassignment

If a Jedi youngling fails to become a Padawan, the Council of Reassignment comes into play. The Council deals with the Jedi Service Corps: a group that allows younglings to serve the Republic while not being allowed to use a lightsaber. Two sub-categories within the Service Corps are the Archaeological and Research Division and the Agricultural Corps.

The Council of Reconciliation Is Star Wars' Most Politically Charged Group

Star Wars Jedi Council of Reconciliation

Perhaps the most politically charged council, the Council of Reconciliation dealt with the diplomatic settlement of disputes between planets. Located at the Tower of Reconciliation, the Council had five members who would work with both the Galactic Senate and Republic Diplomatic Corps in order to achieve their goals. In Legends, Anakin Skywalker noted that the purpose of the Council was impossible due to the immense size and scope of the Galaxy.

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