How High-Rise Invasion Sets Up Season 2

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of High-Rise Invasion, now streaming on Netflix.

The first season of Netflix's High-Rise Invasion paints a very brutal picture in this war-torn world of skyscrapers. Yuri's team is desperately trying to escape the realm but the situation gets complicated as Aikawa and his masks, known as Angels, are trying to kill them.

It's all part of a rat race to see which human can rule the dimension and ascend to godhood, but while Yuri manages to get the upper-hand, her crew suffers casualties. To make it worse, Aikawa has her brother, Rika, hostage, so let's dissect what a second season could look like.

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Aikawa has the power of controlling masks, thus making him a "God Candidate," which is why he puts one on Rika. He plans to turn Rika into a weapon and use him as leverage as he senses an equal in Yuri. This will anger her even more but luckily, she and Kuon have the power to "defragment" and break Rika out of the programming.

Sniper, a hat-wearing mask who was also broken out of the realm's mind control, has a unique bond with Rika from the human world and will want to ensure his buddy is saved. Aikawa may be laying a bigger trap, though, as he has deadly masks he often keeps in secret for wars to come.


Kuon has access to the railgun, a blaster on a high tower that can destroy anything once she charges it up. It's the ultimate weapon, so Aikawa will be coming after her for access to it. Kuon does get distracted by her emotions, though, including crushes on Sniper and Yuri. These could distract her as everyone else tries to protect her -- something Sniper points out as he knows there are more threats out there than they think.

A key person who could help Kuon unlock her full powers, however, is Rikuya. He's also a God Candidate with his own army of masks, and he wants to help rescue Rika for some mysterious reason. His crew could form an alliance, killing two birds with one stone, as he's well-equipped to evolve Yuri's team to their full potential.


Kusakabe, a mask known as the Police, is Aikawa's main general, but her programming is on the fritz as Yuri and Sniper have her son Uzuki in their camp. This triggered memories of her human life before she got lopped into this world, so she might sabotage Aikawa from the inside to protect her kid. She may even try to find other family members hidden in the realm.

But it won't be easy. Seeing as Kusakabe put the mask on Sniper in the first place to make him a pawn, he won't trust her coming around Uzuki. There's also a chance Yuri can convince her to spy for them, which would throw Aikawa's plans into disarray.


Apart from stopping Aikawa and whoever else surfaces as a God Candidate, Yuri's main aim is getting to a mysterious chopper with her people and leaving this realm. Now that she's leveled up after using a mouthless mask of her own, she can control masks, which allowed her to bring the almighty Great Angel or "Archangel" under her wing.

Together with the wise old man Tanabe, they can unseal him as the most powerful soldier around if they need firepower against the enemies he calls "demons." This could also help them find out who's behind the masks, the programming and the high-rise Matrix-like space they're in. With Aohara dead and the sword-wielding Ein with her now, Yuri does have a responsibility to free everyone. So the best bet is going after the architects, although there are independent masks like Dealer who could scupper this for their own agenda.

high rise invasion
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