How Godzilla Singular Point’s Twist Ending Sets Up Season 2

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Godzilla Singular Point, now streaming on Netflix. 

Godzilla Singular Point's first season follows the genius graduate student, Mei, and her team, as they struggle to find a code needed to prevent a great Catastrophe. The anime's finale then has her, along with the father-daughter duo, BB and Leena at BB's Shiva Consortium lair where they attempt to use Shiva's Super Dimensional Calculator to get the code for the Orthogonal Diagonalizer -- a bomb that will destroy Godzilla in Tokyo.

However, while it requires some clever turns in the finale, "Together," to get there, there's a surprising twist in the post-credits scene to set up an intriguing Season 2, indicating that their victory will be shortlived.

Mei's Search For the Code To Stop Godzilla

During the finale of Godzilla Singular Point, Mei plugs her A.I., Pelops II, into a Shiva computer, which is basically one of the titular singular points -- spots where the rules of science don't apply. Here, physics is defied and space and time open up portals, allowing signals from various realities to come to this Earth. Pelops traverses these dimensions, assessing the data to find the desired code from the future, only for the kaiju, Salunga, to suddenly attack the base.

Along with BB and Leena, Mei flees up a lift, leaving Pelops to appear to be destroyed. Instead, its essence turns out to have found the code in the program made by Ashihara, the scientist who built the computer to predict the disaster. After meeting Ashihara's digital essence, Pelops realizes the code is actually an upgrade protocol for the Jet Jaguar robot that co-protagonist Yun is using to try to set the Orthogonal Diagonalizer bomb off in Tokyo.

How Godzilla Is Killed In Singular Point

As it was made from Yun's A.I., Pelops transfers the code to a broken Jet Jaguar, and seeing as Jet Jaguar also has Yun's A.I. as its operating system, there's an organic link. This code combines the intel of all Jet Jaguars from various singular points, evolving time and time again to become the perfect killing machine and overall defender of humanity.

This results in Jet Jaguar PP being formed, a giant robot that's similar to the Jaegers from Pacific Rim, and it engages Godzilla. As it does so, it also realizes its purpose is to stop the catastrophe -- Jet Jaguar was the real code all along. It blows up, killing Godzilla and rendering the Red Dust that surrounded it, and the other invading kaiju, blue and inert. This suggests the singular point and the dust, which linked the planet to different dimensions, are now gone.

The Post-Credits Reveal Shiva's Real Goal

The Indian consortium Shiva is seen again in the post-credits, using Godzilla's skeleton to make Mechagodzilla. Kai, the "freelance journalist," and Michael Steven, an executive, are present to watch its construction but notably, the supposedly dead Ashihara is also with them, with a wild look on his face. He looks like he hasn't aged a bit despite going missing decades ago. It could be that he's a singular point himself, or that he was trapped in the computer's bridge to other realities. Or maybe he was visiting various dimensions and is now back.

As for the Kiryu-inspired robot, the trio could be looking to use it to become their own singular point like Godzilla was. If that's the case, it could help them access other realities, information and any weapons they find there come Season 2, or even control the kaiju that come over, along with possibly any remaining ones left alive on this Earth. The original Godzilla skeleton from World War II (now being used as MechGodzilla's framework) stored signals in the form of an Indian folk song that attracted the kaiju to Earth. It could be that Ashihara, Steven and Kai are looking to harness its brain waves in a similar way to create the ultimate alpha and destroyer, like Shiva is in Hindu lore. If this is the case, the world could need Godzilla back to help defend it in Singular Point Season 2, rather than destroy it.

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