How DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Sets Up Season 2

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Netflix's DOTA: Dragon's Blood, now streaming on Netflix.

The first season of Netflix's DOTA: Dragon's Blood ends on a stunning note with the Invoker revealed to be the secret villain of the series. Not only did he trick Davion's team into taking back poisoned lotuses to his ex, Selemene, he also brought Terrorblade into the Dark Moon Order's kingdom so the demon could dismantle it. It's all because the goddess let their daughter, Filomena, die, driving Invoker to plot revenge for centuries.

However, while it seems like there may not be a resistance left, a second season has been set up. There are key players still out there that could undo the Invoker's scheme. That is, of course, once they get over their own personal hurdles, as well as the other threats out there.

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Kaden and the Dragon Knights have taken Davion back to the Dragon Hold, with Bram, Davion's squire, hoping they can use magic to cure him. Kaden could want to separate Slyrak, the fire dragon, from him but there's also a strong chance it could kill Davion. As Kaden's on his own personal vengeance mission, he may even want to use Davion's dragon-hybrid form to hunt and slay other beasts.

Luckily, the young elf Fymryn bonded with Davion and is tracking the squad down. She also grabbed the fang necklace he tore off which allows him to control his transformations. But she might need the Invoker to help him permanently. The mage also revealed Davion's form is withering and he can only change a certain number of times before he dies. This presents a dilemma as Davion might now fall into the Invoker's servitude if he wants to survive, maybe even inspiring him to turn his back on his friends. There's also the chance that he may summon the souls of the dragons from the "Thunder" afterlife to help fight his enemies and figure out his true fate.


With Mirana left nursing Luna back to health, the two may seek an alliance with the rogue elves from the enclaves. It won't be easy as both sides were recently at each other's throats, but should Fymryn return, she could bridge the gap knowing Mirana's a force for good. She'd have to put aside her differences with Luna, but that might be easier knowing the Invoker manipulated them both.

Though she dropped it, Fymryn also knows of a coin the Invoker gave her that allows her access to him. Should she recover it, they could plot an ambush. Season 2 needs to focus on them upping their mystical abilities, however, to even be remotely in his league. Luckily, Fymryn does have an underlying power of her own that allows her to teleport and use super-speed, so she could emerge as a 'Chosen One' for the war to come.


Season 2 is sure to delve into the Invoker's mission to collect all the great dragon souls for Terrorblade. Eight are needed in total, which includes Slyrak's from Davion. With these "pillars," or mystical forces, Terrorblade can harness the power of the seven heavens and hells of the Multiverse and recreate reality.

It won't be easy stopping this demon as the Invoker also has a tremendous amount of power to back him up. However, the Invoker has also hinted that he wanted to use Selemene to bring back their dead daughter, Filomena, which offers a window of opportunity. Fymryn might be able to convince the Invoker that his path is a warped one, leading to the mage reneging on the deal and turning on Terrorblade.

The Invoker's the only one who could truly level the playing field, or even power up the heroes. Doing so could offer him a shot at redemption, especially if he realizes Filomena wouldn't want him focused on revenge at the expense of others. In the end, this might be the catalyst for men, elves, dwarves and trolls to make one last stand against Terrorblade.

Ashley Edward Miller serves as showrunner and executive producer of DOTA: Dragon's Blood, with animation by MIR and Ryu Ki Hyun as co-executive producer. The eight episodes of Season 1 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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