How Bad Is Your Music Taste?

Now a cheeky new online artificial intelligence (AI) tool is able to give you a fresh perspective on your music taste – by mocking you for it.

“How Bad Is Your Spotify?” is the question asked by the website The Pudding. Check out how bad is your taste and hear brutal results HERE.

After the AI has analyzed your Spotify, it will ask you to confirm whether you really listen to certain songs it has found.

Ultimately, the rude AI will give you some snarky comments about your music taste before summing it up in one sentence.

Some results that people have gotten that they have shared online include:

“Music-to-thrift-shop-to-eyeliner-and-screaming-sitting-alone-in-the-cafeteria bad”

“Dancing-queen-boomer-relaxation-women-of-a-certain-age-obsessed bad”

“Local-talk-radio-bumper-sticker-bitch-walmart-hawaiian-shirt-cottagecore bad”

“Barista-with-a-short-story-collection-80s-prom-only-wears-converse-allstars bad”