How an Elden Ring Patch Fixes the Starscourge, General Radahn

As one of the hardest games in the industry right now, Elden Ring is bound to go through changes from time to time. However, in one of the most recent patches, the Starscourge, General Radahn was unintentionally nerfed, negatively impacting many players' experiences. Radahn is one of the game's most beloved bosses, so this misstep was a big deal in the community.

Many players missed the opportunity to fight Radahn at his full potential, and that's huge in a game where one of the main selling points is its difficulty. Thankfully, he's since been reinstated to his former glory, and the originally intended changes have been made in patch 1.03 with no issue. Now, a question remains: Should players redo the Radahn boss fight on the newest patch?

Radhan from Elden Ring

To put it simply: Yes. With unnecessarily nerfed damage, the Radahn experience in the patch was ingenuine. If a player has only fought him in that patch, then they should definitely highly consider replaying it to get the full intended experience of the fight.

Even if players previously fought him before the patch, they should consider doing it again since he did receive some changes to his hitboxes that are potentially game-changing within his fight. Primarily, his ranged attacks' hitboxes were made smaller, especially regarding his war bow and gravity magic. Since many of Radahn's attacks are ranged, these changes are still a big deal even without the reduced damage.

Radahn is now just as formidable of a threat as he was before his nerf. He will definitely remain one of the most difficult boss fights in Elden Ring, up there with Maliketh, the Black Blade and Malenia, Blade of Miquella. For those who want a little guidance when battling Radahn, all pre-patch guides should still be applicable, as the vast majority of the boss fight remains the same.

Even without the changes, Radahn's fight is one of the most iconic in the game, with plenty of setting and relevance despite being an optional boss. He's found in Redmane Castle in Caelid after talking to Blaidd or saving Iron Fist Alexander, and beating him is an essential aspect of Ranni the Witch's questline, as well as an ending of the game. If players haven't fought him as part of the questline, they should definitely consider doing so since it unlocks the Dark Moon Greatsword, which is one of the best items in the game.

Screenshot depicting White-Faced Varre, as seen in Elden Ring.
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