Horimiya: Miyamura’s Stalker Brings TWO Shocking Plot Twists

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Horimiya Episode 6, "This Summer's Going to Be a Hot One," now streaming on Funimation.

As Hori and Miyamura try to settle into their new official relationship in Episode 6 of Horimiya, they've caught the attention and gossip of many fellow classmates. This is only further exacerbated when two male students see Miyamura leaving Hori's house -- first thing in the morning. One particular student is not at all happy for the new couple and begins blatantly stalking Miyamura, much to his discomfort and Hori's anger.

But there's much more to this stalker, a second-year named Honoka Sawada, than initially meets the eye. The first revelation comes when Sawada repeatedly demands to know when Miyamura is going to break up with Hori. All implications are that she likes Miyamura and wants him to herself. Their "discussion" soon explodes into a public shouting match when Sawada suddenly reveals she does indeed have a huge crush -- on Hori.

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From her dad's endless antics around the house to the shock of Miyamura cutting his hair shorter, Hori already has plenty to deal with in her new relationship. The two are still awkwardly finding their way as a couple, with Hori trying to communicate what she wants from Miyamura. With Sawada now following them everywhere and starting verbal arguments with Miyamura, the couple has had precious little time to spend alone together. Sawada insists she wants to be with Hori, but it turns out there's a second and much deeper reason she's following Miyamura.

Despite his annoyance at all the stalking, Miyamura's kind heart shines through yet again when one afternoon he and Sawada find out -- to their horror -- they are next-door neighbors at their apartment building. Sawada forgot her key and is locked out, so Miyamura invites her over to his place to have cake. His kindness helps her calm down and open up on a more personal level, and it's revealed they are both only children. Sawada begins to tell Miyamura about an older brother she once had and how Miyamura is similar to him, but stops and pretends it was all a joke. Later that evening after she leaves, Miyamura's mother reveals that Sawada did indeed have an older brother who was very kind and well-liked but died of unknown causes around a year ago.

Regardless of Sawada's feelings for Hori, subconsciously she seems to view Miyamura -- who even looks somewhat like her deceased sibling -- as a brotherly figure. She remarks that he's good at taking care of other people, having taken her in and fed her. He also protected her from a trio of lecherous male students earlier that day. Despite the fact that she wants to have his girlfriend to herself, Miyamura teases Sawada, looks out for her and offers her a place to stay if she ever needs it. The tragedy of losing her brother remains too difficult to talk about, but it feels like a surprising new bond is forming -- one that Sawada may need very badly.

Hori doesn't yet know about Sawada's past but is none too pleased with her constant presence and would prefer to focus on her relationship with Miyamura. But as Hori herself is often misjudged by others and takes care of her own younger sibling, her opinion will likely change. Sawada's budding connection with Miyamura could create an intriguing new dynamic for all three of them. As Horimiya proves once again, there is far to people than first impressions suggest.

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