Horimiya: Christmas Delivers the Long-Awaited [SPOILER] for Hori and Miyamura

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Horimiya Episode 12, “Hitherto, and Forevermore,” now streaming on Funimation.

It's Christmastime in Horimiya's world, with romance, humor and thoughts of the future flowing among the entire cast. Yuki and Toru are still figuring out their relationship, poor Kakeru can't spend the holiday at Remi's house with insects decorating the walls, and Hori's family is distraught that Miyamura may have to miss their Christmas dinner for work.

The titular characters – and endlessly lovable oddball couple – Hori and Miyamura have mostly been on the fringes for the last few episodes. Now, with Hori thinking more seriously about their upcoming graduation and what it means for their relationship, she and Miyamura are firmly back in the spotlight. And what their next discussion leads to is the moment manga and anime fans alike have been waiting for all season long.

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The relationship between Miyamura and Hori's family has been one of the most enjoyable and gratifying developments of Horimiya thus far. It all started when Miyamura saved Hori's younger brother Sota from a stray dog, the two becoming fast friends as Hori herself also comes to know, depend on and care for her formerly unknown classmate. This extends to Hori's parents as Kyosuke and Yuriko often dote on Miyamura even more than their own kids – hilariously demonstrated here when Kyosuke says he doesn't care if his daughter is around for Christmas as long as Miyamura is.

But the holiday season – and the desire to spend them with the people she loves most – has Hori thinking more seriously about her and Miyamura's relationship and the certainty of what they both want in their future. They're still in the process of learning about each other's lives, personalities, desires and daily habits. What comes next – college, full-time jobs, traveling or something else entirely – is unclear for both, but they do know beyond question that they want to be together for the long term.

After Miyamura does indeed find time to join the Hori family for cake on Christmas Eve – inevitably staying much longer than intended – Hori walks him back toward the cake shop through the snowy winter evening. With their typically unique brand of awkward but powerful chemistry, Hori tells Miyamura she wants to spend every future holiday with him. Miyamura responds with the moment Horimiya fans have been waiting for: a marriage proposal! There are no tears of joy or passionate hugs here, and yet it somehow makes the moment even more powerful. Their simple, soft-spoken words and blurted-out proclamations only reaffirm their love and dedication to each other and their future together.

Curiously, for all the attention given to Hori's family and Miyamura's bond with them, very little has been revealed about Miyamura's family or home life, and Hori has yet to even meet Miyamura's mother Iori. In fact, Iori's only significant screen time thus far was in Episode 6, when she reveals the tragedy of Honoka Sawada's older brother. Regardless, she will surely have to meet her future daughter-in-law at some point and will no doubt forge a loving bond.

With only the season finale remaining, plenty of unanswered questions remain. Will Yuki and Toru officially get together as a couple? Will Kyosuke's mysterious job ever be revealed? Are Hori and Miyamura heading to college first or will wedding bells be ringing? Regardless of how it ends, Horimiya has been an enchanting journey of humor, romance, personal growth and acceptance. There's no doubt the finale will likewise do it justice.

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