Higurashi: [SPOILER]’s Reveal Might Explain Satoko’s Villainous Turn

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 20 of Higurashi: When They Cry - Gou, "Village Destroying - Part 3," now streaming on Funimation.

Higurashi: Gou managed to sneak in one last revelation in the waning moments of Episode 20, finally showing Satoko’s likely accomplice in the new series of loops. Once again, the series has seemingly affirmed a popular fan theory, which now leaves the door open to practically anything in Gou’s last few episodes.

Having opted to walk around Hinamizawa instead of joining her friends at Angel Mort, Satoko makes her way to various landmarks important to her around town. As she walks, she hears that the school building will soon be torn down. She then finds her way to the now-abandoned Houjo residence, giving it a sad look before heading to the shack she and Rika used to live in. Satoko finds it derelict and a local tells her that the building was destroyed in a snowstorm, rundown due to prolonged negligence.

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With so much having changed in the short amount of time since she’s been away, Satoko takes a moment to look over Hinamizawa from the Furude Shrine grounds. She then makes her way to the ritual equipment shed and recalls the time that she broke into the building as a child. As she wonders if the town deity is still angry over this, Satoko hears a strange sound coming from inside the building.

Satoko follows the noise and traces it to the statue of Oyashirou-sama inside the storehouse. She cautiously approaches it as the strange noise coming from inside gets louder. Now in an almost hypnotized state, Satoko lightly touches a part of the statue and is taken aback when it cracks open.

A curved dark horn falls out and Satoko reaches for it without hesitation. Once she touches it, Satoko is immediately transported to the Sea of Fragments. She looks around in awe, confused as to where she is before turning her attention to the sound of a shakujo approaching her. Satoko turns around and sees a mysterious horned woman next to her. The woman familiarly addresses Satoko, calling her a “child of man” and commenting that the two have not met in some time.

Higurashi: Gou continues to surprise fans at every turn, and the anime is getting harder and harder to predict. Fans have been anticipating a Featherine reveal since the anime's opening was first released. Series creator Ryukishi07 has stated that no Umineko knowledge will be needed to understand Gou's narrative, so whether or not this is actually Featherine or just a character that resembles her might still be up for debate, but it's a satisfying reveal nonetheless.