Higurashi: [SPOILER]’s Breakdown Becomes a Rallying Point for Hinamizawa

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 10 of Higurashi: When They Cry - Gou, "Curse Deception - Part 3," now streaming on Funimation.

Things continue to look bleak for Satoko in Episode 11 of Higurashi Gou as the abuse from her uncle takes more and more of a toll on her well-being. Satoko's friends struggle to help out, but thankfully, Keiichi comes up with what might be Higurashi's first big spark of hope.

The episode continues on with Satoko’s mental breakdown in class. She's inconsolable until their teacher, Chie, enters the classroom, snapping Satoko back to her cheerful persona. Rika tries to reach out to Satoko after school, offering to let her stay with her again, but her offer is rejected. Keiichi and the rest of his friends lament their inability to help her, and meet up after class to discuss a plan of action. A frustrated Shion suggests that the group just get rid of Teppei themselves given the lack of action from child services. Keiichi opposes the plan, and after a heated exchange, convinces the group to go to child services together and plead Satoko’s case.

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The group meet with a case worker and explain Satoko’s situation, but are met with a tepid response. Though they painstakingly relate the severity of Satoko’s situation, the conversation goes nowhere and they leave unsatisfied. Dejected, the group heads back home and Keiichi apologizes for getting their hopes up. Rika confronts Keiichi, and begs him to press forward and help Satoko. His confidence renewed, Keiichi once again rallies his friends.

After school the next day, Keiichi and co. plead to their classmates, asking them to support them with Satoko’s case. They claim that the entire class going to child services will have more of an impact, and better Satoko’s odds of being attended to. His efforts pay off, and the rest of his classmates join the cause. As this is happening, Chie looks on from outside the classroom. She is approached by Rika who tells her to stay out of their way, but decides to join her students in their efforts instead. The group heads back to child services and meet with another case worker.

The case worker is much more open about Satoko’s case, and reveals that their inability to act is partially due to no actual records of abuse on Teppei’s end. Though his wife was known to be abusive towards their niece and nephew, Teppei himself managed not to draw attention to himself. Frustrated, the group pleas their case but are once again rejected.

Back outside, Rika says that Hinamizawa’s community spirit is what makes the village strong. Mion recites a proverb signifying the village’s unity, and Keiichi comes to the conclusion that the group needs even larger numbers to get their point across. The rest of their classmates vow to spread the word and continue to prod child services until Satoko’s case is resolved. As Rika comments on the group having the power to break the cruel cycle of fate, Ooishi walks down a road in Hinamizawa as cicadas cries fill the air around him.

As the “Curse Decieving” arc gets closer to its end, Higurashi: Gou looks to be teasing viewers with its most promising outlook thus far. Already sharing some similarities to the “Massacre” arc, there’s no telling where things will go from here. One thing worth keeping an eye on is Ooishi’s role in this arc and those that come after. The end of the episode seems to hint at something ominous, and while it could just be a red herring, he – much like Rena – has had his fair share of eye-raising moments in the new series so far.